Pantyhose Confession Goddess – Bring Them to Me Boys!

Look at you in those sexy stockings! I know you feel so sexy right now. I love watching you stroll back and forth in my room. You are getting the hang of those heels too! Very nice! You are a good pantyhose fucktoy. I can say with all honesty, I enjoy being your Pantyhose Confession Goddess. Now that you are comfortable, let’s discuss your deepest darkest secrets.

When did it start? Did you get a tiny little hardon when your mother walked around in her stockings? I love the way they hugged my skin and show off my legs. Stand in front of the full-length mirror over there. Perfect, now turn around and look at how gorgeous you are with them on.

As your Pantyhose Confession Goddess, I want to encourage you to be proud of yourself.

Embrace this part of you. Now, you don’t want to go out and tell everyone. The sad truth is others will judge you. Their fears of things unknown will cause them to shame you. I am here to be your Pantyhose Confession Goddess. You confess to me and it stays with me. I may judge you but not for the pantyhose.

I love wearing stockings, pantyhose, thigh highs, and the feeling they give me. The sexy, erotic silk that caresses my legs and feet. OMG, my perfect little cunny is getting all tingly and wet just discussing it with you right now. So, you can be honest, how old were you when you put on your first pair of stockings?



Were you by yourself or did your mother help you?

My first stockings were for church. Easter was a big occasion in my household and we dolled up extra special on Easter. Mom got me these beautiful stockings and a mini dress of what hers looked like. I felt so grown up and beautiful. She even told me I was growing up too fast. Most kids couldn’t wait to shed their Easter outfits but I wore mine until bedtime. I didn’t go out and play with the other kids on that day because I would have to take off my dress and stockings.

Did you know at a young age or did you realize it more as you grew older? Your first live-in girlfriend keeps them in a drawer and when she is at work you get curious and try them on. You squeeze into a pair of her open-toed shoes and parade around the room feeling so sexy. Standing in front of the mirror you realize you are special.

Worried you will stretch her hose out, you buy your own and hide them.

You have found the perfect shoe store that carries your size of heels. Going in you try to be discreet but they know. You grab a pair in your size without trying them on and hurry out. Now standing in your bedroom, you pull out your hidden stockings. Strip down to your birthday suit and slide those silky stockings on. When they hit your soft dick it immediately rises to the feel of the material.

Pulling the shoes out of the box, you slide your feet in and marvel at how well they fit. Wow, it is harder than you thought to walk in heels. They fit but this shit is hard. Practice makes perfect, you hear your mother’s voice. You know if you stroll around the house for a while you can break in the heels. Plus you like how sexy you feel right now in the pantyhose and heels.

Tell me about your stories and secrets. This Pantyhose Confession Goddess eats it up.

I promise you I get it. Understanding your internal thinking is one of my gifts. Offering you a safe place to reveal your past and present secrets allows you to feel good about yourself. Sensual domination is about using my skills and tools to rule over you. I do it with an erotic, gentle process. Plus, no one knows you better than your Virtual Girlfriend Online.

Delving into your mind and then controlling all of you. When you are open and honest with me, it allows me to be there for you. Together we can explore and discover what makes you feel best and also turns me on. I love pantyhose fetish phone sex and consider myself an expert. Exploring our mutual pantyhose fetish together will be an experience unlike any other! With me, you are able to live out your pantyhose domination fantasy with a mind-blowing release at the end. Or not, I haven’t yet decided… 😏