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Tough Day At Work – Time To Come Home And See Your Babe

Imagine it has been a rough day at work. Your hand is on the door and you are ready to enter into your humble abode. Normally, this would be met with a nagging wife ready to read to you a list of unmet demands. However, you are more fortunate than that. As you take a deep breath and turn the brass knob the door opens.


In front of you stands me, with a big loving smile on my face so happy to greet you. After all, it has been way too many hours of not seeing the one man I miss most. Reaching out to you I grab you by your collar and push your lips against mine, my red lipstick staying in place as it should. Then, you enter the door being closed behind you us still embracing in our passionate lip lock.


Suddenly your nostrils are filled with the scent of two of your favorite things. First, my sweet perfume. The scent of which you just can never seem to get enough of. The other, the smell of your favorite meal, cooked up by yours truly for her loving boyfriend to enjoy. We hold our foreheads against each other smiling and enjoying each other’s company. That is when I guide you to your favorite chair. Finally, pouring you your favorite drink or bringing you an ice-cold beer.

Relax, Your Virtual Girlfriend Online Has Everything Covered

Picture finishing dinner with your perfect princess, everything going completely wonderfully. There is no need to lift a finger as I wash dishes and clean up the mess allowing you to enjoy your relaxation. Although, if you would like to keep me company while I complete my kitchen chores, that is something I would always love.


Virtual Girlfriend Online


Then, as the night goes on and you enjoy your favorite TV show that is when the real fun begins. As I enter your living room I will be wearing a very sexy red piece of lingerie. After all, my boyfriend gets to enjoy the best side of me whenever he can.  Of course, that includes the sight of my perfect body sensually walking over to him in all of its perfection.


Watch my hips sway as they come towards you. Then, follow my glance as I kneel down between your legs. Tonight, I treat you to the sex of God. Starting with the most important part first. A good high-quality blow job.

Your Virtual Girlfriend Online Knows Just How To Please You

My hands know how to satisfy your stiff rod, stroking up and down the full length of your raging hard-on for me. Then, keeping sensual eye contact this gfe phone sex babe will begin to suck your cock just the way you like it. Your tip deep into my throat, my red lipstick the perfect from around your head.


However, we do not stop there. Once you are nice and hard I will grab your hand and lead the way towards the bedroom. Then, as I lay back on the bed I will invite you to dive face first against my bald pussy. The taste of my perfect body on your lips will be so warm and inviting.


Although, the perfect twist will be as I beg you by name to take that perfect pussy for yourself. After all, I have been dying to feel you inside me all day. The feeling of your hard member pushing against my tight walls is a craving that I need fulfilling, as only you can.


Once reaching climax hold your body against mine until we fall asleep. The perfect ending for you and your virtual girlfriend online. After all baby, you deserve the best.

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