For me, there is something so fun, erotic, and exciting about being a seductive tease. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before my desire for cock control went beyond Sensual Domination Phone Sex. I have always been a cock tease, but I have never allowed my need for cock control to extend into certain areas of my life.

When I am not lending a hand to guys jerking off at Phone Sex Kingdom, I am working in a male-dominated field. I am extremely good at what I do and I have never let my need for cock control spill over into this area of my life. Sure, being a seductive tease is a huge part of my personality, but I have managed to keep it under wraps in my professional life. Trust me, I have been tempted many, many times.

However, I have never had to.

While I’m sure that sounds pretty ostentatious of me to say, I am only being completely transparent with you. I never take on a project that I cannot deliver with at least 110% success. Giving my all and totally immersing myself into my work is a much larger part of my personality. And with complete transparency, I must admit that kicking ass in my male-dominated career field is amazing. After I have conquered a project using only my intellectual attributes; I then relish in my victory by seductively teasing my opponent and sensually humiliating them.

However, that was before I met Brandon. Preparing to launch a new product, he contacted me after receiving a referral from a colleague of his. Months of meetings, phone calls, and emails had finally led up to this day. This has been a refreshing project to work on. Mostly because I had just completed a huge project that I had spent several months agonizing over.

Although it paid pennies compared to my last, Brandon’s project was to be a stroll in the park and my way of treating myself over my success. In hindsight, it almost seemed as though Brandon was determined to be a pain in my ass since day one. Finally agreeing to a meeting with me to finalize the contract, I was determined to seal the deal.

My patience is wearing thin.

Sitting across from me in my office, Brandon had suddenly changed his mind on some of the most crucial parts of his contract. Trying, unsuccessfully to hide my irritation. I explained how important these sections of the contract were. Sensing my frustration, Brandon suggested that we take a break and grab some lunch. He may as well have ripped the contract to shreds, thrown it on my desk, and then set it on fire!

Unable to contain myself any longer,  I stand up from my seat. Casually walking around my desk, I stop in front of him. Sitting in his chair, I glare directly into his eyes as I look down at him. Retrieving the contract from my desk, not once breaking eye contact with him. A look of hesitation washes over his face. That is right buddy; I am done playing your little games.

As A Seductive Tease, I Always Get What I Want.


Soaking me in, his breathing intensifies and his face begins turning red. Sitting on my chaise lounge, I dramatically begin flipping through the contract. Brandon’s eyes haven’t left my legs once. Examining my black 6 inch Louboutin heels embellished with gold spikes, his eyes widen. Leisurely making their way up my long, toned legs covered in sheer black nylon thigh highs. He licks his lips before stopping at the hem of my short black skirt with red lace. Extending my right leg towards him, I quickly rest my beautifully heeled foot on the chair in between his thighs, grazing his hard cock.

Startled, Brandon jumps back into his chair. Confusion and excitement are written all over his face. Tossing a copy of the contract towards him, I tell him to flip to page three and find section B of the contract. Quickly doing as he is told, I am slightly impressed.

Suddenly, he stands up from his chair, ready to end our meeting. Brandon looks at me while shaking his head. Before the words can make their way out of his mouth, I lightly press my heel against his dick while raising an eyebrow at him. Handing him a pen, I tell him to initial section B on page three. “Do you see how easy that was, Brandon? Now, let’s continue; find section A on page four, initial there as well.” Beads of sweat appear on his forehead as he looks at me, pitifully.


seductive tease



Seductive Tease Asserts Her Dominance

As I previously stated before, this seductive tease always gets what she wants. More importantly, I know what the fuck I am doing and I am damn good at what I do. Trusting me to control the most personal aspects of your life is understandably daunting. However, he came to me for a reason; I didn’t force him. And I only see two options for him. Either he walks out of my office and stops wasting my time or he fully submits himself to me. The latter will leave both of us feeling extremely fulfilled and satisfied.

Erotic Tease At The Office

Feeling his cock twitch underneath my sole, I notice him trying to sneak a peek in between my thighs. Insidiously, I run my fingertips from my knee to my upper thigh. And begin tracing tiny circles that make their way towards my inner thigh before abruptly stopping. Tilting my head slightly to the side, I flirtatiously smile at him while spreading my legs apart 1/2 an inch. Dropping his contract on the floor a mixture of anticipation and excitement transforms his face; his bulge is now feverishly pulsating beneath his pants.

Spreading my legs apart, just a bit wider this time; I give Brandon a quick glimpse of what he had been pining for. Vigorously licking his lips, he looks at me with anticipation. Clearing my throat, I retrieve his contract from the floor; before crossing one leg over the other.

Flipping to page four, I hand him the contract and my pen. Hastily, he grabs the contract from my hands. I am tempted to show him just how this seductive tease would punish him for his insolence. Instead, I sit behind my desk in my new oversized office chair; giggling to myself as I think of the irony. This elegant but overly priced office chair was another gift that I gave myself after sealing a big contract a few months prior.

Now, here I was sealing a deal four times that size…

Wait, didn’t I mention that this was a walk in the park, slam dunk that only paid pennies compared to my last project? I did, didn’t I? Well, it’s a damn good thing I don’t rely on just this sweet, juicy pussy to get what I want. Since Brandon had been such a pain in my ass, I made some changes to our contract prior to our meeting. Of course, these changes were highlighted.

Quickly initialing and signing the contract, Brandon did not hesitate. Handing me his copy, I asked him if he would like to go over it once more. Shaking his head, Brandon says that he’s fine with the contract; his eyes filled with lust as he stares at me. Scanning the contract, I giggled out loud this time; just as I had expected.

Brandon had fallen prey to my seductive tease trap.

One of the changes that had been made was the added fee for my services. Charging Brandon a “Pain In My Fucking Ass” fee, I had turned this pocket change deal into one that would pay me more than my last. Obviously, it was only fair. A notification popped up on my phone confirming his payment, good boy.

Spreading my legs apart, I tell him to get on his knees and worship my glorious pussy. This was another change that I had made. From now on, he was to be available at any time that he was summoned. Because the sound of his voice annoyed the fuck out of me, he was to make good use of his mouth by licking my perfect pussy to my satisfaction. Watching him eat my pussy was so fucking hot! Until, he looked at me and said; “I can’t believe that I get to be your sex slave, and lick and fuck your pussy whenever you tell me to.”

Throwing my head back as I laugh, I grab the back of his head and shove his face back into my pussy. “Awe, sweetie. This is why you must always read before you sign. I don’t fuck my clients.” The one thing that I fucking love the most about being a seductive tease is that I always get what I want. And we both know how much that makes your cock yearn for me.


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