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I Can Not Resist A Hot Guy Jerking Off

Recently, I decided one afternoon that I wanted to see a new movie that had just come out in theaters. Since my friends were all busy with work, I treated myself to a movie date after pampering myself with a new manicure and pedicure. Arriving at the movie theater, I noticed that the parking lot was pretty much empty.

Walking into the lobby to purchase my tickets, I was relieved that I had brought a jacket with me. Wearing a pair of black open-toe heels, a short jean skirt, and a thin hot pink tank top. The theater was much cooler than I had expected and my nipples were instantly erect. The guy behind the counter could not take his eyes off off my full, perky tits. Lucky for him, I was not wearing a bra. Teasing him while I purchased my tickets, drink, and popcorn; I could not help myself!

Honestly, I am not sure why I have not gone to watch a movie in the middle of the day before because I had the entire theater to myself! Quickly finding a seat, I settled in for my movie date. The thrill of teasing the guy behind the counter with my amazing tits had worn off and I slid my jacket on as the lights around me began to dim and the previews came on the screen.


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Just as the movie is about to begin, the guy from behind the counter walks into the theater. Smirking as he walks closer to me, he chooses a seat just two seats away from me and sits down. Bold move, dude. Giggling to myself, I give him a flirtatious wink as I casually yet slowly remove my jacket.

Soon after the movie has started, I feel his eyes on me. I coyly stretch my arms up over my head, arching my back before leaning back into my seat. Clearing his throat as he begins to squirm a little bit in his chair. Trying so hard to readjust himself without me noticing. But, this poor guy has no idea that he has just sat next to the tease and denial queen of PhoneSex Kingdom.

Lowering my arms slowly, my hands gently caress my tender tits before grabbing them in my palms and pinching my nipples. Closing my eyes, I let out a soft yet audible moan. I can already feel his desire for me. His breathing gets heavier as my hands wander down my toned stomach to my awaiting pussy.

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As I glance towards him, my eyes immediately focus their attention on his lap. With one hand around the thick shaft of his cock, he starts pumping his dick faster. Have I mentioned that guys jerking off causes my tight little pussy to writhe with desire? The harder he strokes his cock, the more turned on I get.

Before I know it, I am completely naked in the movie theater with my legs propped up on the seats in front of me. My slippery fingers are massaging my trembling pussy. Suddenly, he stands up and walks towards me. Lifting my right leg off of the chair in front of me, he stands in between my legs while stroking his pulsating member. Fuck! This is so damn hot! My legs start shaking as my body erupts, thick creamy cum shoots from his cock; covering my stomach and tits.

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