I have this boy toy that I just absolutely love to fuck. And when I say fuck, I mean I love to fuck his mind as well as his cock! My favorite way to fuck his cock is by jerking him off. And as much as he may deny it, he can not get enough of the tease and denial techniques that I use on him. And Ryan has never complained when my hand is wrapped tightly around his cock, jerking him off.

Ryan and I are extremely similar in so many ways. But what makes our understanding work so well is that Ryan and I both love to fuck. But neither one of us wants the strings that come attached when you’re in a relationship. He loves that I text him late in the night when I’m horny and tell him to come over because ALL that I can think about is jerking him off. Especially after I have had a night filled with hot phone sex, jerking him off is the perfect way to end my workday!

A few days ago, I met a few friends for dinner; Ryan included. I arrived at the restaurant shortly after everyone had already been seated, and I was excited when I realized that Ryan had saved me a seat next to him. It was a casual restaurant, so I wore a black form-fitting cashmere dress that had a low cut scoop neck that exposed the top of my red lace-trimmed bra. I paired my ensemble with my desirably sexy Chanel black leather thigh-high boots with a 4-inch heel.

I felt Ryan’s eyes on me the entire time that I greeted our friends. His face was almost as red as my sweater when I hugged him. I know him so well, and I know that when his face turns red like that, there’s only one thing on his mind…

…my hand around his cock, jerking him off!

You know, when I really stop and think about it; Ryan is so fucking lucky that I am the one teasing his cock and jerking him off. Unfortunately, Ryan cannot hide his emotions at all because they are written all over every inch of his face. Which is actually one of the many things that amuse me the most about him. Ryan is usually so calm and laid back. I love to watch him squirm and fidget when I show up. Tonight was not any different. Ryans’s bright red face and heavy breathing told me right away everything that I needed to know. As soon as he saw me, he couldn’t stop thinking about me jerking him off.

It was at that moment when I decided that I was going to rock his world tonight by jerking him off when he least expected it.

I sat next to him in our booth, getting as close as I could without sitting on his lap. With him sitting to my right, I crossed my left leg over my right knee and leaned closer towards him. I could hear his breathing intensify. Which sent a trigger straight to my pussy, soaking my panties. Looking at Ryan, I notice that he is already in a trance, his eyes drinking in my boots. Starting at my boot toe, his eyes slowly making their way up my shin. Ryan pauses at my knee and then moves to my mid-thigh where the boot top ends. I pulled my already very short dress up around my hips just a little bit, knowing that it would drive him wild!

I casually begin sliding my hand over his thigh to his belt buckle, I loosen his pants and pull out his already engorged cock! Wrapping my hand around his thick shaft, I slowly start stroking his cock. While I am jerking him off, my fingertips reach the thick mushroom head of his dick and I notice that it’s wet. I look down to see the precum oozing out of his cock.

Sensually seducing him before jerking him off

Caressing the tip of his cock with my index finger, I spread his precum over the head. Leaning in closely, I whisper entrancingly into his ear; “Want to know what I think Ryan? Your cock really loves when it Brittany is jerking him off”. Leaning back, so that I am staring intensely into his dreamy jade-colored eyes. I brought my moist fingertip covered in his precum up to my tongue. Flirtatiously, I lick my finger clean and I give Ryan a wink.

Knowing just how much whispering into Ryan’s ear sends his cock into a frenzy; I whispered into his ear again. This time I whispered softer, “I want you to cum for Brittany”. And just before Ryan is able to mutter a word or even react for that matter. I wrap my palm around his balls and begin massaging them. Wrapping my hand around his yearning cock. I start jerking him off under the dinner table in the middle of the dimly lit restaurant. I continued jerking him off until cum exploded from his dick covering the tablecloth.


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