As you may know, I love having fun anywhere and everywhere that I go! My obsession with sex toys means that I will always have a toy or two or three with me at all times. Luckily, remembering my shopping date with my Sissy Crossdresser that afternoon. I was bursting with excitement to share my new double dildo strap-on!

Arriving at the new lingerie boutique, I quickly spotted my sissy crossdresser from across the store. Wearing an outfit very similar to one that a male submissive of mine owns. It was amazing to see the outfit in person versus our fetish phone sex video chat. Looking absolutely fabulous in the form-fitting baby pink sundress, you are radiating summer vibes!


Shopping For Sexy Lingerie With My Sissy Crossdresser

As we are making eye contact, you begin twirling around showing off your adorable outfit! I immediately notice the string of white pearls around your neck and matching pearl earrings. “Someone is feeling a bit pretentious today,” I say as my eyes move towards the pearl necklace. We both begin erupting into a burst of infectious laughter that leaves us with tears in our eyes.

Like the shopping pros that we are, we ambush the racks grabbing handfuls of sexy, silky lingerie. Searching for a sales associate to help us locate the hottest girl to help us with our shopping excursion. You begin explaining to her what we are doing today. I am your Mistress and you are my sissy crossdresser. Together, we have been planning this shopping trip for some time now. And we are both envisioning the lingerie fashion show in our heads already!

Leading the way to our dressing room, the hot young sales associate is still trying to wrap all of this around in her mind. Finally, in the dressing room, we find ourselves wildly trying on and modeling the sexy lingerie sets for each other. Squeals, giggles, and “oh’s” and “ah’s”, can be heard throughout the entire boutique from our dressing room.


Teasing You With My Sexy Body

While I am wearing a black sheer baby doll cami made of soft chiffon with clear Swarovski crystals embellishing it. I lift up my cami just a bit exposing the matching thong. While turning around to give my sissy crossdresser a good look at my perfectly round ass, giving my hips a shake. Also, knowing that we have yet to make our way to the sex shop for a chastity device, I can only imagine how quickly your clitty sprang to attention!

Soaking me in as I turn to face you, your eyes slowly trace the soft curves of my body. Licking your lips as you shift anxiously in your chair. My black sheer nylon thigh highs are accentuated with a red lace band around the thigh and are attached to the silky garter that wraps around my waist.

Of course, no outfit including sexy lingerie is complete without the perfect pair of high heels! My petite feet find their home in a pair of seductive red leather peep-toe Louboutins. The six-inch high heels only bring more attention to my long, toned legs that men always seem to find themselves lusting over. Certainly, they are envisioning me wrapping my legs around their bodies in the peak of sexual ecstasy.


Pegging My Sissy Crossdresser


Time For Mistress To Teach Her Sissy Crossdresser A Lesson

Finally, snapping my fingers, I quickly draw my sissy crossdresser out of his trance and back into the present. Adjusting his clitty, which is now peaking its way through the top of his purple satin panties. He sneakily strokes himself as his hand slowly runs up the now very hard bulge. Obviously, my sissy crossdresser needs to be taught a lesson. It is extremely rude to look at your Mistress in this lustful way. Also, he has the audacity to try and sneakily pleasure himself right in front of me. Wow!

As a result, turning around I reach into my purse and pull out my new double dildo strap-on. My sissy crossdresser is aching for a release after drooling over my heavenly body as I am wearing this sensual lingerie. Finally, after slipping the strap-on over my waist, I begin stroking my big cock. Consequently, your eyes begin to widen as you take in the sight of my massive cock. Certainly, knowing that your Mistress is a proud Size Queen, a dick this size should not be a surprise to you.


Pegging My Sissy Crossdresser In The Dressing Room

Bend over sweetie, I am going to give your tight little asshole the perfect fucking right here in the dressing room! Quickly, you do as you are told. Therefore, bending over the chair in the dressing room and sticking your sweet ass up in the air for me. As a result, I begin slapping my big dick against your ass cheeks. While I am standing behind you as I slide your thong over to the side.

Spreading your ass cheeks apart, I slide my wide cock right in between them. Finally, pressing my thick mushroom head against your asshole. I am going to fuck your ass like it’s a pussy and I want you to watch every fucking second of it. Grabbing the back of your head, you turn to face the mirror as I push your head into the chair and thrust my cock deep inside you. A loud moan escapes your mouth as I grin at you in the mirror. Resting my hips against your ass cheeks, I leave my cock inside you. Consequently, letting you feel every inch of my dick before I start pegging your man’s pussy hard and fast.

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