Strapping on for your pleasure

I just love getting you on your knees and bending you over that bed. And strapping on for your pleasure my thick juicy cock. I’d have you naked on your knees and then I’d get on my knees in front of you and have you sucking my cock that little cock sucker your are. You’d be my new fuck toy, my little sex slave, my little bitch that does what ever mistress wants and desires. Let me see those juicy lips wrapped around my cock while I pump my cock in and out of that mouth. I wanna hear you gag, and choke on my big cock. I gently grabbing your head pushing that face down onto my cock, fucking your throat. Pulling my cock out of your throat and smacking it against your face and lips my little cock sucker would like that wouldn’t he.

Lets bend you over that bed and tease your ass with my tongue. And then when I think you have had enough I tease you with my cock. Drag my tongue up and down that ass slide my finger in and out. Take my finger and slip it into your mouth I’ll make you suck it clean. Let’s spread those cheeks and push my tongue in your ass while I smack that ass. Every time you jump I’ll just smack that ass harder and harder while I wiggle my tongue all in your ass. I think you have had enough I think its time for my thick cock to fuck your tight little ass. I’m gonna tie your hands to headboard cause I don’t want you moving around while I ram your ass. I’m gonna take the head and slowly push it in.

Bend that ass over

Now I’m gonna slowly thrust in and out of that tight little ass until that cock gets as hard as it can get. Then I’m gonna slowly thrust harder and faster while I watch that cock twitch. Every time that ass tightens up I’m gonna smack your ass and then spread those cheeks apart so I can fuck you deeper. Have a strap on fantasy? I’d love to pull out my toys from you. Want that tight ass of yours fucked hard? I’ll fuck it hard baby. I got plenty of toys to occupy you with. Want a real cock to suck? I got all the cocks you can dream of pick a size and I’ll feed them to you.

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Kinky Kelsey