My boss rides my ass hard

Your dying to hear how my boss rides my ass hard aren’t you? It all started this week when I picked up a second job for the summer. who knows the way he rides my ass I might stick around throughout the year. I saw him in his office he was so sexy in that suit. So sexy I thought about him all the time. I just answer phones and get his coffee but I see him so much I would often masturbate to thought of him. I awaited for the day to come that day he would want more than just coffee. And I wanted a meeting with just me and him alone fulfilling my fantasy. A few days later I built up the courage to set up a free day in his schedule. I had a plan something seductive to try.

While he was out to lunch I went into his office sat right on the desk and waited for him to come back. He walked into his office and saw me sitting on his desk. That’s when I revealed I was his next appointment. I told him how much I have wanted him over the past couple of weeks the nights I masturbated to the thought of his hands running all over my body. He sat in his chair, I spread my legs and innocently say “you can’t tell me you haven’t thought about this”. Then He tells me his married and I tell him I don’t mind I can keep this secret between us. He then slides down my panties from under my skirt and slides his tongue against my asshole licking and flicking his tongue back and fourth.

Office sex with my boss

I moan and squirm it feels just as I had imagined. He stands up and takes his cock and I feel it throb as he slides the head from my pussy to my ass. I pull him into me and he slips his throbbing cock into my ass thrusting it in and out of me harder and faster. I grab on to him and shove his face into my big tits. And I make him suck and lick my nipples while he throbs in and out of my ass. He pulls out and bends me over the desk and fucks my ass hard and deep. I try staying quiet so no one will hear. And I can’t wait to feel his throbbing cock release into my tight little ass. I know I look more forward to going to work each day now. Have a office sex fantasy?

I love getting pounded on the desk or even in your work chair. Fantasy phone sex with me will make you cum so hard you’ll want me everyday just like my boss. Now you see how My boss rides my ass hard. If you think this was naughty then wait until you read nude beach sex story.

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