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Writing down these Stories About Sex With GFE Phone Sex Alyssa inspires flight. Catching eyes at a crowded party leave us both breathless. Finding someone who makes all others blur into the background is rare. Making this night count is clear to the two of us immediately. Moving through the sea of people becomes effortless and easy. Appearing right in front of me like magic you capture my beating heart.

Looking for a quiet corner to get to know each other it is obvious that a small space will never do. This is carnal heat between two lusting animals. Getting to know you is nice but I want so much more of you. Driving on a twisting road, the next thing I know we are on our way to your place in the hills. Arriving in the chapter of throwing caution to the wind Sex Story of fantasy.

Sliding my dress strap down my shoulder you lean in kissing my soft skin. Running your hands all over my body makes me weak. Gripping my ass and making me moan I reach down for a handful of cock and balls. Stroking your hardening dick gives me ideas for Guided Masturbation.  Sitting in front of one another stripped from clothes or reservations we watch and instruct. Moving our hands by the direction of the other drives us both wild. Sliding your hand up and down, my fingers rubbing in a tight little circle makes me beyond wet.

Hot Phone Sex like this spares no detail untold. Licking my lips and begging for your cock to make me cum. Needing you inside of me, making me yours. I must have you deep into me.

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