My Soldier and our new life, with disability sex, let’s ride!

He came home a different man. A man with a disability. A war changes so many things, in so many different ways.

When I received the news of my soldier being wounded, I wasn’t sure what or how to think.

I couldn’t wait to see him, no matter what and how severe his injuries.

He came from around a wall, wheeling his chair.  Once again I’m not sure how to deal with my man having a disability.

It doesn’t take long for my mind to go to sex.  I wonder if I’ll ever feel my husband’s hard cock inside my wet pussy.

We are finally home alone and getting used to our new life.  The living with a disability is going to be a challenge.  I think I’m going to be doing a lot of riding.

I walk to him and bend to give him one of our deep, passionate kisses.  He unbuttons and takes off my shirt.  Then he takes off my bra and buries his face between my tits as my hand reaches for his cock.  And his cock is very happy to see me.  I am so grateful on so many different levels.

The smile on his face is priceless.  I drop to my knees and place myself between his legs and pull out his cock.  Oh, my how I’ve missed him.  And I must have sucked his cock for a good half hour before he pulls me up and tells me to finish undressing.

I love watching him stroke his cock as I take off my panties and jeans.  I’m SO looking forward to mounting my soldier’s cock and bringing both of us to a long awaited climax.  Call me for the details.

Do you have a disability?  Call me and lets becum fuck buddies…

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