I Love Being Slutty

When I was in college I was a bit slutty, but then many girls are, so I didn’t worry much about it. I lived in a coastal town and worked at an on the water bar and grill with lots of seafood, it looked out onto the river there was a dock not far from the tables outside. Sometimes after closing one of the servers would go sit on the dock and he thought everyone was gone and he’d jerk off sitting on the dock and one night I went up to him as he was doing it and he acted really embarrassed and I said it was ok, and I said it was ok, and I sat down beside him and reached over and rubbed his cock. I didn’t feel slutty doing it, I just wanted to help him out and he came really good. I thought that was it.

The next day at work, I saw some girls giving me funny looks and I asked around and the guy I’d helped jerk off had apparently shared what I’d done with a couple of the other guys and word got around I was a slut. I kind of laughed about it, I didn’t really care. A few days later I was in the storage room looking for some things and I heard the door close behind me and one of the male servers was in there and he said he was horny and would I help him. I looked down and his apron was tenting from his erection. Why not, I didn’t mind and I had my break coming up. I sat down on the little step ladder and beckoned him over. I lifted his apron and unzipped his pants and started to rub his already hard cock. I then moved my head down and started to suck on it, licking it up and down and drooling all over it. He was breathing really hard and then he came in my mouth and I took every drop of his cum.


When we walked out of the storage room, a few of the other staff members looked at us and smirked like they knew what went on in there. I didn’t pay them any mind at all. I heard some of the girls gossiping about what a slut I was getting all these guys off and I stared right at them and said I liked to help men cum! Their jaws literally dropped and they went back to what they were doing. That night after closing I was counting my tips and the bartender came over to me and asked if he could drive me home, he knew my car was in the shop and I’d have to take the bus home.

I gratefully accepted and asked if he’d like to come in for a drink, he accepted and walked me to the door and I let us in and as soon as the door closed, he was all over me and I loved it, I was being a slut and it felt fantastic. He pinned me against the door and lifted me up to the kitchen counter and he pulled up my skirt and pulled down my panties and he was inside me in seconds. Fuck his cock was big and I loved how it felt pounding my shaved pussy. I grabbed at his shoulders and pulled him closer and we kissed as we fucked. I loved feeling his throbbing cock against my clit and it wasn’t long until we both came. Maybe I was a slutty girl, but I was having fun, and surely more orgasms than those dopes at work were.

Sexy LiL Dana

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