To celebrate my graduation from undergrad, my sluttiest sorority sister and I decided to congratulate the best way we knew how – by rewarding ourselves with a massive number of cocks. We were good Southern girls who had just graduated from USC (haha- Go Cocks!) and we were determined to go on a cross-country road trip that would go down in our personal history as the sluttiest, raunchiest, dirtiest month of our lives. This slutty sorority girl had just been broken up with by her boyfriend, so believe me when I say I was ready to rebound – and hard.

Sluttin’ It Up Down South

We started in our home state of South Carolina by going to the trashiest, sexiest place we knew of: the Dirty Myrtle. Locals know it like that at least – tourists might know it as Myrtle Beach. If you read that and you were offended, just know I’m not wrong. Where else can you get a henna tattoo, a $3 swimsuit, a hermit crab, and a plastic tube crammed full of dirty water and baby squid and/or shark for less than $10? First of all, why would you want that, and second of all – fine, maybe any other low-budget beach town in America. Regardless, we were determined to find out and suck some dick along the way.

And suck dick we did.

Slutty Sorority Girl + Smirnoff Ice = Chad

I met Chad* in a Chinese Buffet No. 1 parking lot where my sister was puking after Smirnoff Icing herself on a dare. If those words mean nothing to you, consider yourself lucky. If those words mean a lot to you and cause a burning in the back of your throat, you qualify for a special gift for our veterans and we salute you. Inquire about your free gift in your next call with me. Anyway. Chad was kind enough to pull over and offer me a bottle of Aquafina to rinse my feet off (Sarah puked on my shoes).

In that moment, I was smitten. Was I a little drunk too? Yes. Did it matter to Chad? Not at all. My big sister taught me the Golden Rule: “The More You Drink, The Less Your Gag Reflex Acts Up.” I sucked him off so enthusiastically that when he came in my mouth, I choked on not his dick, but the amount of cum. Have you ever gargled with Smirnoff Ice? I have. It’s not great. But it’s also not the worst.

He thanked me for my service. I thanked him for the Aquafina foot bath. Sarah and I crawled to the motel. Our first day of Fucking Across America was complete. Becky: 1. Sarah: -1. You lose points for puking up Smirnoff Ice.

The Sluts Get “Lost” and Ask For “Help”

We were on a backroad headed to Atlanta. The perks of taking the backroads are that you can go fast. The negatives of taking the backroads are when you inevitably get lost, your cell signal is terrible and your options for getting help are not many. As a slutty sorority girl, I knew I had options though.

We weren’t sure we were lost, but we weren’t sure. Our Google Maps on our phones wasn’t loading, so we decided to pull over and wait. I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to snare – I mean seduce – our next partner. Sarah was eager as well because she was still in the negative after her embarrassing incident in Dirty Myrtle. As well she should be, honestly. We perched, half-naked, on the hood of Sarah’s car. When the glossy black pickup sped by, screeched to a halt, then reversed, I knew we had our hero.

He was on his way home. We weren’t sure if we were going in the right direction. We told him this. As a result, he asked where we were trying to get. I uncrossed and crossed my legs. He stared. I uncrossed my legs again. Sarah asked if he had anywhere, in particular, he was planning on going. I could tell from his hungry stare that this was the right move.

Sarah and I fucked him in the bed of his truck. That is why they call it a bed, isn’t it? We took turns on his cock and his face and neither of us would let him come until we both had. I’ll be honest – this slutty sorority girl didn’t even know his name, so I’ll call him Chad #2.

Slutty Sorority Girls Need Sleep Too

We made it to Atlanta with the help of Chad #2. To be honest, the orgasms were all of the help he gave. He didn’t help us with directions. We didn’t really need those. I decided that because it was a threesome, we should get three points. Sarah was also on board with this idea. I was still winning though. Bex: 4. Sarah: 2.

I decided to see just how useful this slutty sorority girl’s cunt could be. Could it get us a free room? The answer would be yes. We arrived at the Airbnb we had booked in downtown Atlanta. Soon after, the host met us at the door. I asked him for a tour and he lead the way. When he showed me the bedroom, I pulled my top off. He blinked and smiled. Then I took my shorts off. He really liked that. As a result, he proposed an exchange. If I would let him fuck my ass, he would waive the fees for the night.


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