My friend Jack is the horniest guy I know.  He tells me that the reason for his constant lust is that he is bisexual and there are way too many options for him.    He told me about the time he was at his favorite place, the gym.  It’s his favorite place because he thinks that everyone looks and sounds like they are either having sex, just had sex, or about to orgasm.  I have to concur; after he revealed this, I paid more attention at the gym and found that he was correct.

Jack likes to take a steam bath after his workout and walked into the hot and humid room with only a towel wrapped around his waist.  He pulled it off and sat on the bench, leaned his head back and closed his eyes.  When he opened his eyes again, he saw that he was not alone in the steam room any more.  On the other end of the room, lounging on the bench, was a middle aged black man sitting with his legs spread open and casually displaying the biggest and thickest cock Jack had seen in a long time.  He immediately felt his own cock twitch slightly at the sight of the man’s enormous dick.  Not a man who lets an opportunity get past him, Jack started what he calls “feel out” conversation.   This was his method of finding out whether a man would be receptive to being hit on.

Jack is a master at interesting small talk and he dove right it, pleasantly talking about his workout, the weather, the local sports team’s most recent performance and how the humidity in the steam room tended to make him really horny.

The black guy chuckled and said it did the same for him.  He pointed at his erect cock as evidence.  Jack casually licked his lips and said, “I couldn’t help but notice that impressive tool.”  He made direct eye contact with his well endowed companion and then glanced down at his cock.  Jack let his eyes linger on the man’s thick shaft and then made eye contact again.  The man smiled and nodded and Jack took this as a sign to go to town on that meat stick.

He got on his knees, in worship position, and started sucking.  Jack is a master at many things, and one of those is that he gives an unbelievable blow job.  He started with slow and steady licks.  He then graduated to stroking and sucking and was finally gagging and choking on the enormous purple cock.  The man gave a little laugh as his dick twitched and Jack braced himself for the flood of cum that was sure to follow.  Sure enough, there was spurt after spurt of strong and bitter cum shooting into Jack’s mouth.  He tried hard to swallow it all but some of it just oozed out of the sides of his mouth and dripped onto his chest.

Without a word, the black guy stood up, grabbed his towel and walked out of the steam room, wrapping his towel around his waist, leaving Jack on his knees feeling like the most abused and humiliates slut.  And that’s just the way he liked it!

Tell me your slutty confessions!  I want to hear all about your secret, steamy encounters!

Steamy Sabrina


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