Sissy boy training makes me so hot, especially when you keep it in the family. The fact that it’s thanksgiving makes me think about how I have used my little brother over the years. Gosh, the countless times’ mom and dad would leave us alone and big sister was always in charge.  However, the memory of me catching my little brother in a compromising position with his best friend is one I have not shared with you yet.  So, you know me, I just love to share the naughty sissy boy training and taboo phone sex fantasies.  

Big Sister is in charge!  

We were out for the Thanksgiving break.  Mom and Dad were working more than their regular hours, which left me in charge of my little brother.   I remembered hearing mommy say that if she could get all of her clients and orders are done by Wednesday night then she would be off all weekend for Thanksgiving.  Dad was in the same boat.  They both have been working well after 11 pm and would normally come in to shower and head straight to bed.   This was the sacrifice that they were making to make sure that we were all together for the Thanksgiving weekend.  I didn’t mind because that gave me total freedom for hours on end every day.   

Since we were on break, my little brother asked if his friend Jaylan could come over and spend the night.  Mom and dad told him that he had to make sure that it was ok with me since I was in charge.   I love having that authority.  It’s like I loved power even from a young age.  Since I liked Jaylan and he was such a cute kid I agreed.   Jaylan was never in any trouble. Even though he was only a few months older than my brother, he was much much more mature.  He was a tall lanky kid that stood about a foot over my brother.  His chocolate skin was smooth all over, I knew he would be a nice big bull when he grew up. 

Just the 3 of us home!

It was awfully quiet in the house, I looked outside and neither of my parents still had not made it home yet. Tiptoeing down the hall to my brother’s room to see what they were doing.  I peeked through the door and I could see Jaylan, laying in his boxers on one twin bed but the other twin bed was missing my brother.  I pushed the door all the way open and there my little brother was.  He was standing at the foot of Jaylan’s bed in the pair of my panties jerking his little pathetic dick.   Startled, he tried to run out of the room, but I blocked him.   The commotion in the doorway caused Jaylan to wake up.  “What the fuck do you have on?”  he said looking at my brother trying to push past me to run in shame.   

The sissy boy training just got started! 

I pushed my little brother back into the room and pushed the door closed with my foot.  The humiliation on his face had me wanting to make many my little brother him as my sissy boy training first.  Jaylan, sat up at the edge of the bed with his long legs spread apart.  Damn, that was some fat meat bulging out of those thin boxers. I think my brother and I were both drooling.   He was confused, so I told him that I caught my little sissy brother dressed like this and jerking off to him sleeping.   They both were surprised that I even said it out loud.  However, with him dressed as a little bitch Jaylan knew I was telling the truth. I pushed my brother to his knees so that he was looking directly at that big black cock wrapped in a thin pair of boxers. 

I sat next to Jaylan on the bed and I sat down next to him.  Begining from his knee all that way up to that big black dick I ran my hands.    He was shy and nervous but that big black young dick was hard and ready.   I could see my brother’s little clitty getting hard too.  Looking at him compared to Jaylan I knew small penis humiliation would be in his future.   Rubbing Jaylan’s big package through his boxers, I asked my little brother if he wanted to see it.   He couldn’t even speak; he just let out a sissy bitch whimper. Taking that as a yes,  I slid my hands in his boxer and pulled out a nice fat 8” big black cock.  Stroking it from the base to the head there was pre-cum leaking immediately.  I was like damn and he’s not even done growing yet.   

Come here sissy bitch!

Leaning forward I reached for my little brother and pulled him over by the back of the head.  Making sure his face was within an inch of Jaylan’s dripping dick.   “Lick it!”  I commanded.  I knew he wanted to; he slowly rolled out his tongue and licked the pre-cum right from the fat fleshy head of his best friend.  It was so fucking hot my panties got wet.

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