Have you been waiting for one of those brother-sister sex stories that will make your cock throb?  Well, I aim to please.  My brother and I had come home for the holidays.  So, it was so good to be home with family and enjoy each others company.  Mom cooked a huge dinner.  We all ate together and had several glasses of daddy’s spiked eggnog.  We began decorating the tree and the inside house for the Xmas holiday. OMG, it was fun just like old time.  Both our parents still worked and even though my brother and I were on holiday vacation, they were not.  Because the time was getting late,  assure mom that we would finish decorating just like we knew she liked it.  Mom finally agreed and headed off to bed with dad.

Having not seen each other in a few months my brother and I continue to chat and catch up with each other.  Sharing details of our lives talking about work, friends, relationships, sex and everything in between.  It felt good to share and hear things from a male perspective.   After finishing the tree and topping it with the angel star on top we headed to the garage to retrieve the decorations for the outside of the house.

Family fun begins in the garage!

Once in the garage, my brother poured us a shot and we shared a bowl of some medical grade weed.  We were laughing and tickling each other as we searched began searching for the box labeled “Xmas Lights”.   I noticed just how chiseled my brother had become while finally pulling down the box we were looking for.  More tickling and giggling, made my brother end up behind me, with his cock -pressed up against my ass.   He was hard as a rock and it was hot knowing that I was not the only with family fun on my mind.

Brother-sister sex stories and holiday sex

I can not deny it felt incredible to feel his hard cock against me so I began to grind my ass back on him.  He tried to push me away, but I was so horny thinking about the hot brother-sister sex stories we could make.  I grabbed him closer and began to massage his cock through his jeans, he was stiff as a board.  He stopped resisting as I began to unzip his jeans, and took out his big dick.  I stroked it as I kicked him and got him ready to be sucked and fucked by his sister.

We hungrily undressed each other thinking about the incest fantasies we’ve both had been having.  Both of us naked exploring the others naked body, high off of the naughtiness of what we were about to do.   I knelt down in front of his hard cock and took him in my mouth.  As I sucked him,  I could taste his pre-cum in my mouth and that made me hot.  I just had to have that brother cock inside of me.

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