I’ll always be daddy’s little girl, but with mommy away, I have to take care of ALL Daddy’s needs. Here is how it all happened.  Mom left to go out of town to visit her sister, Aunt Leslie.  Aunt Leslie and Uncle Ian just had their first baby and mom had to be there to help out.   My other siblings couldn’t wait to tag along with her, but not this daddy’s girl.

Daddy’s going out tonight!

With mom gone out of town,  those friends of his couldn’t wait to get him out for a few nights of drunken fun.  I loved seeing him dressed up and all ready to go out and be bad.   He went out and seemed to have the time of his life, coming home drunk and in a good mood.  I can hear him humming and stumbling through the house and into the bedroom.  I decided to sleep in his bed and wait for him to get home.  He slid his naked body under the covers and called mom’s name.  His hands roaming over my legs, while his lips kissed and licked my neck and back.  I did not stop him, he needed me.

Daddy’s little girl gives daddy what he needs!

Before I could correct him, Daddy dived under the covers and began to feast on my pussy and asshole.  My body shook with orgasms as he pleasured me with his tongue.  I could tell by the way he was coming up through the covers that Daddy was hard and ready to fuck.    When he finally pulled the cover back and discovered it was me, daddy’s little girl.   I could tell he was struggling with what to do, but I knew he needed me.  So I grabbed Daddy’s stiff dick and rubbed it against my wet pussy and said: “Fuck me, Daddy!” Daddy pulled my legs on his shoulders and entered into my wet pussy.  His cock pumping in and out of me until he exploded.  Father/ Daughter time was amazing, and I was happy to tell mommy not to worry I was taking good care of Daddy.

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daddy's girl