Age play phone sex is always hot when Daddy comes home late after a long night of work. I was up in my room being a good girl tonight when I heard him come in. Stumbling all over the place he called out for me to accompany him to his room. I tugged my t-shirt trying to pull it past my panties as I met him in the living room. Slowly the two of us stumbled towards his bed. However, as he started to run his hand over my thighs and up my shirt I knew I was not leaving.

Daddy must not have found him any pussy at the bar tonight. That meant the only thing he was after was going to be me. I whimpered as he pulled off my shirt and began to suck all over my nipples.


Age Play Stories with naughty Mallory

They perked up in his mouth with excitement. Slowly his hand moved down my underage body towards my panties. He moved his fingers over my camel toe and rubbed it tell me he missed my bald little slut cunt. I whimpered biting onto my lower lip as he kissed down my small frame over my panties.

Slowly he began to roll them off of my thighs kissing onto my hairless cunt. I could feel his hand unzipping his fly and pulling his hard dripping cock from his pants. It brushed against my little legs begging to penetrate my perfect petite body. All of a sudden he flipped me over onto my stomach and climbed on top of me stuffing himself inside of me. I wish I could say my father was taking advantage of me, however, that was not the case. I loved being Daddy’s little age play princes’ fuck toy!

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