Always the sexy young neighbor.

Not only that, I am a sexy young neighbor that loves to tease. I gotta say, I’m pretty guilty when it comes to affairs and tempting people that I shouldn’t. I love showing off to everyone! And I’ve done almost everything, from seducing my coach to charming my married neighbor. All those wicked and forbidden hot phone sex fantasies, I’ve lived them. By sheer curiosity, I’ve always been drawn to flirting with men that I shouldn’t. It didn’t matter if they were a boss, a co-worker, or even a friend’s boyfriend or husband. Very few things can hold me back, honestly. Once I was drawn to somebody, it was incredibly easy to show off and get what I wanted.

And as a sexy young neighbor, it was even easier to get to fuck whoever lived around me! God, the first time I actually did it, though, I was pretty young! See, I’ve been telling this story a lot lately because it’s one of those ‘uncovered’ memories from when I was younger. Let me paint a pretty picture for you: Firstly, I was a hot little devious young thing. A total brat, honestly. I loved getting attention, no matter if it was positive or negative. Secondly, I had started shopping at Victoria’s Secret PINK pretty early on. I’m sure you know the aesthetic. It’s a store full of bright, colorful, pretty lingerie colors. While the other store caters to deeper, sultry colors, PINK caters to the young, perky college girl and spring break energy!

So, of course, I bought some sexy neon panties.

Neon bras, panties, cute little crop tops, and short-shorts, too; I had such a broad collection of brightly-colored underwear! And what’s a girl to do when I wanted to show it off all the time? Well, I couldn’t be flashing my underwear around in school all the time, could I? But I could definitely be a sexy young neighbor and hope people could see me through my window. And you know damn well that I always left my window open at night so that my neighbors could see me change and try different sexy outfits on. But even naughtier than that, I would leave my bathroom window open. See, when I slid the frosted glass window out of the way, the screen window would show me off perfectly to any peeping toms.

And of course, that’s exactly what I did, time and time again. I loved coming home after a party and leaving my bathroom window open. I would strip down slowly, taking off my little dress or party outfit. Then, I’d show off in front of my mirror for a while, posing, taking dirty pictures. All the while, I knew my neighbors might see. From time to time, I would catch a few of them watching from their windows. They would be a little sneaky about it, too! A few times, I peeked at my neighbor’s window, and their light would abruptly turn off. I know what you were up to, you naughty boy! You couldn’t keep your eyes off the sexy young neighbor, could you?

Or the sexy young neighbor’s cute neon panties.

I always showed off in my best lingerie sets, too. Trust me, a little slut knows what men like! So if I wasn’t rocking my innocently sexy neon pink bralettes and thongs, I would swap to the sexier, more mature thigh highs and push-up bras. I would pose for the mirror, taking pics all through the night in all kinds of revealing poses. All the while, I knew the fantasies running through those men’s minds. They were daydreaming about being on the receiving end of those nudes or getting to fuck their sexy young neighbor.

And god, I definitely used that to my advantage when I would see them casually walking around sometimes. I knew they had been watching me! But they tried to act innocent, like just another flirty guy. So what’s a sexy young neighbor to do when I’m supposed to play naive and act like I don’t know that they jerk off to me every night? Well, I take their number and keep my flirty antics going, duh!

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