A game of seducing my coach relentlessly.

Seducing my coach has never been so easy. I always played little games trying to get his attention, but I truly outdid myself with the simplest tactic in the book. Now, I’m no stranger to going after what I desire, no matter how forbidden it is. I’ve played my part in many sexy neighbor seduces married men scandals, sometimes even with much older men! All these hot phone sex fantasies float around my head daily, and I just want to bring them to life. So, when I get the opportunity to live out one of my naughtiest desires, I let the good times roll. No ifs, ands, or buts! I want to enact my deepest fantasies, tempting my sexual targets into enjoying the thrill alongside me.

Indeed, they certainly fucking enjoy themselves! And for this story, it was my sexy cheerleading coach that got to reap the benefits of my games. See, he always gave us plenty of privacy once the practices and rehearsals were done. He would retreat to his office to work through some practice footage and sort out the plan for our next competition. Meanwhile, all the girls would shower, change, and head back to the dorms or go home. Not me; I was far too curious to leave. I wanted to live the fantasy of seducing my coach. And he was such an easy target. I knew he was all cozy in his office watching videos, so I stopped by under the guise of asking him a question.

I walked in wearing my tight, sexy skirt.

My little cheerleader uniform skirt barely covered my ass I had it hiked up so far. Above that, I had a tight black tank top on. The outfit was a mess, looking like I’d been half-done with changing before I stopped in to see him. His brows practically rose to the ceiling, and he scrambled to pause whatever he was watching and finally say hi to me. There was a nervous tone in his voice that made me oh-so-curious. As I rounded the desk, I saw why. The little perv had been zoomed in, checking me out in one of the videos he took of our practice! I giggled.  Seducing my coach would be the easiest thing yet if he was already checking me out! “See, I knew you couldn’t stop looking at my ass.” I teased him, and he blushed, grinning sheepishly.

“Can you blame me?” He said, getting a little bold. Then, his eyes blatantly dropped to my ass. With my skirt hiked up so far, he took it as an invitation to spank it. And I froze! Woah there, was I the one seducing my coach, or was he seducing me? What a wicked little twist of events! It got me so excited. I sat up on the desk, reaching out to tug him closer by his shirt tie. Amusingly, I could see his jaw clench nervously as my hands traced down his shirt. I let my fingertips massage him slowly until they reached his belt. And then, my soft, luscious lips stole kisses at his neck. Gosh, he couldn’t help himself then. His hands dropped to my beautiful Latina ass, groping, squeezing my cheeks so hungrily.

Seducing my coach was so fucking easy.

And I wasn’t complaining at all. It was so fucking hot to me, so exciting. I felt his hands grab at my juicy ass, and it made my pussy dripping wet. I was taking the teasing slow, but his hands all over my body made me want to pick up the pace. I wanted more, more, more! My nipples grew perky, my body was screaming for him. I took it out on his neck, viciously kissing, biting, and leaving a trail of hickeys. He pulled my body greedily over his, and we lost all control. Seducing my coach was such a fucking thrill; chills ran waves over my body. As I arched my back for him, I completely showed off. He was indulging in me while also checking out my delicious Latina curves in the mirror beside the desk. What a wonderful little fantasy we got to play out…

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