Tonight, I plan to peg your hole and make you scream in pleasure.

On your hands and knees for me, babe, while I prepare to peg your hole. Is this your first time? Alright. Then, I promise to be gentle. 

There’s nothing shameful about this. I know you were a little worried when you asked me. I saw you blush as you took off your clothes. And I bet if I moved over to your face now, you’d be bright red.

But sweetie, you are beautiful like this. Really, the way your knees shake while you keep your legs apart, showing your ass to me, is delicious. I love your pretty pink hole, nice and clean from before. I cannot wait to peg your hole.

Don’t you want to show me more? 

In fact, I trace your rim with my finger. In response to my touch, it quivers under my fingertip. Cute. Your ass is always so sensitive. I bet you wish I was deep against your prostate right now, making your cock quiver. 

But I like watching you on your hands and knees. I love how you shake with anticipation. I love how the moonlight hits your back as I get ready to peg your hole. 

However, something underneath your belly catches my eye. There’s no moonlight, but something glistens like starlight underneath your stomach. It catches the low lights of the hotel room, reflecting to me. Really, it calls me like a siren. Your cock is dripping precum in anticipation, huh? 

Well. Suffering is not on the table. I want to make you feel good. I give you a kiss between your shoulder blades. While I kiss, I press my hand to feel just how hard you are- oh my! Your rock-solid cock jumps in my hand. 

Instantly, I pull back, as I don’t want you to explode now. I want you to cum with me inside you, while I peg your hole. After all, you’re my good boy now, aren’t you? 

Let Me Sensually Peg Your Hole.

Love, I press a kiss to your mouth while I go get my dildos. It’s exciting to think of which one goes inside you. 

Of course, I have my glass dildos. But those are much more fun in a male bondage domination session, where I need to be a little rough. There’s no give to a glass dildo, so it feels so much bigger. But right now, I want you, love, to be pampered, not punished. 

Instead, I pick up our thick silicone friend. Nice and black, suggesting this one is serious business. And you and I trained for you to take this. It’s so thick. Tonight, we get to find out if you can take this. I peg your hole and you just hold on for the ride.

So I adjust it to my strap-on belt. I hook the balls through my o-ring in front of your face. I make you give it a nice kiss, a thank-you for what it’s about to do. And then I move back to where you are nice and spread open for me. I see your tight ring of muscle, quivering, shivering, begging for something inside. I place the head of my dildo against your hole.

Tell me, do you want me to press inside?

Get personal, strap on fetish phone sex with a sensual dom.

Treat yourself and call! 

Peg Your Hole