Do you have a taboo fetish?


Hearing your taboo fetish — that fantasy or real-life secret you can’t tell anyone else — makes me wet. I’ve been a phone sex operator for almost ten years, but I know I haven’t “heard it all.” In fact, every time I answer the phone I feel excited because I have NO idea where the call will take us. To say I keep an “open mind” is an understatement. And my long-time adage, “I dare you to try and shock me,” is a little reductive. Basically, I each time I pick up I embrace the blank canvas and possibility, and enjoy hearing you paint the picture for me. And every time, I know it just might be one I’ve never seen.

When I hear about a taboo fetish that’s new to me, I’m titillated.

I remember the day a caller introduced me to the magic of trash fetish disposal play. We met after I stretched out my phone sex feelers for femcan (i.e., female cannibal — when the WOMAN is eating YOUR meat) enthusiasts. The first night he called me, he revealed his desire to be cooked and eaten by saying he’d been feeling jealous of all the Thanksgiving turkeys. From that moment, our beautiful femcan (also sometimes referred to as “longpig”) Mistress/submissive and eager turkey relationship blossomed. “Vore” is a pretty big umbrella, fetish-term-wise, and is apparently the gateway to even MORE taboo fetish fun.

Niche pornography and erotica callers with a specific, fetish to introduce me to inspire me.

There’s a saying about how everything that exists ALSO has a porn of it, and sure, there is Edward Penishands and other “parodies” of most TV and movies. But a caller leads me down a rabbit hole of his adult proclivities I’ve never seen, it’s just FUN. I’ve spent hours looking at captioned photoshopped images of celebrity women who’ve been warped to look fat, for example. A photoshopped taboo fetish picture really IS worth a thousand words. Take me to a force feeding fetish forum, I dare you!

Not EVERY taboo fetish has a forum or website.

Sure, there’s LOTS of interesting art and material available on “feminization age regression,” another one of my now favorite niche “genres” of phone sex. But maybe you have a secret fantasy that’s even MORE specific. Maybe your burning inner desire is tied to the idiosyncrasies of your own life and it’s specific characters. Is there someone in your day-to-day reality you have thoughts about you can’t tell ANYONE? Well guess what: you can tell me your taboo fetish. And I want to hear every juicy detail!


One reason I love phone sex is because I think it offers things cam just can’t. It’s just our voices and imaginations, so ANYTHING is possible. I always say that the point of departure for phone sex is suspension of disbelief. Like any “magical realism” story, you know? We can act out scenarios that just aren’t physically possible in THIS plane of reality. We can do anything together.

So what are you waiting for? I’m right HERE, waiting to hear your taboo fetish now!

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