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One summer a friend and I worked for this older man that was quite wealthy. He had this large mansion and he often had extended family visiting. Or business associates and there was a lot to maintain. Too much for one maid, so my friend and I worked for the summer as his maids. She was the downstairs maid, I was the upstairs one. The one thing he said we had to do though was wear these quite skimpy French maid’s uniforms at all times. They were cute, but were very tiny! It was the start of a few new sex stories. He was a handsome, distinguished sort. So I didn’t really mind him eyeing me as I went about my cleaning duties. And his business associates that came and went liked it as well.

He Had The Funniest RequestDana's sex stories

I didn’t think there would be any hanky panky, but one night as I was retiring. There was a soft knock at my door and I went to answer it. And he was in a pair of satin pajamas. I giggled since he reminded me of Hugh Hefner standing there that way. But he wasn’t that old of course, but it was unexpected and amusing. He had a book in his hand. And asked me if I’d read him  naughty bedtime sex stories. I thought it an odd request, but why not. He had me follow him back to his room and he laid in bed. And I sat in the chair next to the bed and began to read this book of erotica he was handing me.

I Saw Him Masturbate As I Was Reading

I was reading away and soon realized he wasn’t just listening to me read the sex stories. He was masturbating and I could see his hand moving under the covers. I didn’t really mind though. He then pushed back the covers and I could see his raging erection as he stroked it. It was quite large. I put down the naughty sex story book on the bedside table and watched him stroke it. He asked me if I’d help and I reached over and took his cock in my hand. And rubbed it up and down for him. He laid back and relaxed as I did the work for him.

It Felt So Good Inside Me

His precum dribbled all over my hand as I masturbated him and then he asked me if I’d fuck him. I sure never saw this happening tonight, but he did have a nice cock, so I slipped off my nightshirt. And straddled him, sinking down onto his throbbing shaft. I rode that cock hard and he stretched me out it was so thick and girthy.

He rubbed my tits in his hands, and my nipples were soon hard and standing at attention. My stiffened clit was rubbing against his dick as I bounced up and down on his cock.I was getting closer and closer to orgasm with every bounce of my body. I soon came, my wet pussy clenching around his dick and milking him into me. And he shot his load inside, flooding my pussy. He fucked pretty well for an old guy. He fell asleep pretty fast after he came and I went back to my room. We fucked a few more times that summer. I never told my friend I worked with, maybe he was fucking her as well, I haven’t a clue.

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