Adult sex stories about me in a public shower with my new toy, just read for yourself.

Here is one of my many adult sex stories I want you to read that happened a couple days ago. I went to the local adult store and bought a new dong. It is the pink one with the ball sack and it is 7 inches long and pretty thick. I like it because when I was in the store it felt the most real. It even has veins on it. I got home and unpacked and it threw it into my gym bag. I like to go work out 4-5 days a week.

  Did a nice workout at the gym and I guess I had gotten sidetracked that when I got into the shower I like because it has a place to sit I was unpacking all my clothes and forgot that I had put that in my bag. I brought it over with me along with my shampoo and soap, I have been so horny lately.

I haven’t been fucked in 3 days.

So I sat down and got the water to the right temperature and I was letting the water run down over my body and I started to reach up and caress my breast and play with my nipple, it felt so good. My nipple was getting hard and so I took the dong and started rubbing it up and down my bald, pink pussy. I couldn’t believe how real it felt, I could feel that I was getting so wet.

It has a suction cup on the base and it is strong. I put it down on the bench I was sitting on. I got up and stood over it kinda crouching down.  Then I slid right on to it and oh my I moaned. It felt like I had a real cock inside of me. I started to go up and down, it was stretching open my pussy. I was going faster and faster and then I would go all the way down and rock my hips back and forth oh my, oh my I have never come so quick. Let’s just say I love my new dong.


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