One summer, I made some extra cash by working as a maid. My aunt owned her own cleaning service company and I was sent to a beautiful home on the beach. The family I worked for had major bucks and being rich was an understatement. These people were billionaires! The father was actually an attractive man in his early 40s, with the wife a plastic surgery whore. They had two young boys who they shipped off to camp my first week in, so there was never anyone home. The wife was always at the gym or shopping, while the husband was mostly away on business. I was young and actually preferred them gone most of the day, because this meant I could clean on my own time and didn’t have anyone watching over me. It was a fairly easy job and it paid well, so I didn’t mind having to take an hour-long bus trip to their home each day. One day as I was cleaning a spare bedroom (just one of many), I heard the husband come home early. Startled, I went downstairs to see if he needed anything, which he replied no and went off to his home office and shut the door. I shrugged it off and then went back upstairs to finish the room. Ten minutes must have gone by when I heard him shout my name, ordering me to come down. I did what I was told and expected him to have me get him a drink or something. But when I entered the office, papers were everywhere and the place was a mess. He wanted me to clean it up immediately. I went to work, getting on my hands and knees to gather all the paper and he stood over me, with his eyes glued to my ass. I’m not going to lie – I thought he was sexy for his age so I purposely did it. As I cleaned the paper on the floor he hovered over behind me and ordered me to stop what I was doing and turn around. As I did, his gigantic cock was starring me in the face. He told me he needed to distress and needed me to suck him off. He then went on about how he knew I wanted it because I’d always show up to work in short short and little tank tops with no bra whenever he was home (of course I planned this, but never thought he took any notice). I took his cock in my hand and started to rub it up and down and then put it in my mouth. As he groaned in pleasure, he took off his shirt and ordered me to sit on his desk. I did what I was told and he rushed over to me, cock still hard and undressed me. As I sit spread eagle on the desk, he went down on me and his tongue massaged my clit as placed what must have been three fingers in my wet pussy. I threw my head back and moaned and at the corner of my eye noticed a document of a big order for cleaning services for a few of the buildings he owned. Barely able to read it, I did notice that it said something about him inquiring about a new cleaning company that would end up getting major revenue. As he was finishing me off, I immediately knew I’d be able to use my knowledge to my advantage and get my aunt’s company that big contract instead. As soon as I had finishing devising my plan in my head, he made me cum so hard, that my whole body shook. The next thing I knew, he had shoved his huge cock in my pussy and was fucking me so hard that everything on his desk was now on the floor. Before he came, he told me to get on all fours on top of the desk so that he could do me from behind and so I turned around as he grabbed my waist and gyrated. As his dick moved inside of my pussy, his placed one hand on my shoulder and pulled my hair with the other. I was so turned on that I then felt compelled to rub my clitty as he fucked me. He then started to slap me and tell me how wet I was and how his wife never made him feel this good. Because we didn’t have a condom, he made me turn over so that he could finish on my tits. We both finished and as we both got dressed, he told me not to tell his wife. Typical man, right? I told him I wouldn’t say a word UNLESS, he gave my aunt’s cleaning company that big contract. Let’s just say that I spent the summer making good money, having good orgasms and helped my aunt’s company become one of the leading cleaning companies…

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