A seductive Aunt teaches her shy nephew the finer points of pleasuring a woman with his tongue.


A sad young man is studying for finals for his first semester of college. As he closes his laptop for the night, the phone rings. He smiles, hearing her voice, reflecting on that particular night, They were at a family reunion, and his seductive Aunt teaches him how to kiss a girl and play with her big tits. Her lips were soft, and his cock throbbed. Then he watched as she unbuttoned her blouse and encouraged him to touch her tits. That night, the boy’s cock exploded creamy white cum in her hand.

Tonight, the first thing she asks is about his girlfriend and his sex life. The boy brags that he fucks his girlfriend often. Of course, the seductive Aunt teaches and inquires about orgasms. Then, the young man admits that he gets excellent blowjobs and cums in her mouth or cums on her face. He pauses and tells her what happened last weekend. Knowing that Mom’s sister will comfort him, the nephew confesses that his girlfriend hooked up with some random dude. They were at a party, and he went looking for his girl and found her in a bedroom with this guy’s face between her legs.

Devastated and heartbroken, the seductive Aunt teaches him how to recover from a broken heart.


Auntie arrives on campus the next day. She takes him to dinner and quizzes him about his sexual prowess. Then she attempts to show him that the cheating whore girlfriend craved a sexy man’s tongue between her legs. The nephew stupidly brags some nonsense about never really going down on his girlfriend. Eating pussy is nasty! Once again, sex lessons are needed immediately. Seductive Aunt teaches him that a mature male lover enjoys making a woman cum with his mouth.

Instead of studying for his final, Auntie takes him into his bedroom.


She takes off her skinny jeans and black lace panties. Then she puts one foot on the bed and spreads her legs. Auntie explains that women crave oral sex, just like men. There is a unique orgasm that she has when a man makes her cum with his mouth. Auntie runs her fingers along the inner pink pussy lips and then rubs her clit. The boy becomes mesmerized, and he touches his wet, hard cock as he watches. His mouth is watering for a taste. The seductive Aunt teaches him the nuances of eating pussy when she sits on his face.

Of course, there will be more than one lesson. Auntie will continue her lessons throughout his winter break. By the time he returns to campus, he will soon earn a reputation of being the best pussy eater on campus. Slutty college coeds will show up at his dorm and want to feel his tongue between her legs. Once she has that mind-blowing orgasm, she will make sure his orgasm is equally as intense. The lucky young man learned from the best! His seductive Aunt teaches him many other things. Older women make the best lovers for inexperienced or shy men. Also, this makes for fantastic phone sex. Let me make sure you have the most intense orgasms when I roleplay your sexy Aunt or hot mom in a hot fantasy.

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