I have so many naughty sex slave stories to tell. You have been in chastity for a month, just waiting for me and my key to show up.

Sex slave stories are my favorite to tell. How long has it been since you released a hot load? Haha, I know it has been a while, hasn’t it? Well maybe if you were better behaved, I would let you out of that chastity device more often. Don’t be nervous. The goosebumps on your skin become apparent as I flick that silver padlock around. I surprise you when I pull out my small key.  I laugh to myself, and then tell you “It’s just one small key, but it has now become your only way to feel release”.

“Sit down”. You will get thirty minutes to jerk off but no more time than that. And you aren’t allowed to read any more detailed sex stories. You better make sure it’s a good hard load because I am only letting you cum once. I know I usually let you cum at least twice, but I just don’t have the time to waste with you today.  I want you to take your hand and firmly grip the base. Start by doing small pumps. Wow! You didn’t take even a minute to get hard. I guess you have really wanted this. I wink at you and put my hand on top of yours, to make it go faster. Just like that, good boy! Now, why don’t we let the shaft rest for a minute? I want you to take your hand and rub your fingertips gently around your head. Perfect! Who knew you would produce so much pre-cum so fast?

You may start jerking it off now.

Do fast pumps from the bottom of the shaft, all the way to the top.  Haha! Your moans sound so pathetic. I know you are so close to cumming, so let’s see it. Let me see how much cum you can produce in a month of chastity! Oh, my! Good little slut. Look at all the cum. You better go clean yourself up, but not before I lock you up. I will come back by next month and see if we can beat how fast you came this time.

Call me for some guided masturbation phone sex. We can make it as kinky as you want.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke

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