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But that’s okay though. Everyone knows a small shrimpy white guy like you could never compete in the real world. Especially with a cock that is only 4 inches big, and as thick as a pencil. You have read the sex slave stories about what happens to guys like you. That’s why you are a BBC cuckold. I mean, what exactly am I supposed to do with that? All I can do is just laugh at it, and make other arrangements for my pussy. I have an 8-inch minimum, and well, yours certainly doesn’t even come close to that! You are more of a two-pump chump anyway! But don’t worry, I’m not cruel. I’ll let you taste my pussy before and after I get fucked.

Sit on the edge of our bed. Remember when you surprised me with a bigger bed? Turns out it is the perfect size for a large BBC!

Feel the bed start to shake as Lamar fills me up with his cock.

I moan like I never do when I see your cock. Your cock could never make me feel as good as this thick black cock. I don’t think any woman should ever have to settle for a pathetic little white cock. Just know I certainly won’t! I can see your tiny dick getting hard on the bed, staring at me with those longing puppy dog eyes. You wish I could be satisfied with your cock, but you know deep down that is a wasted thought.

From the first moment I took a BBC, my life changed forever. I started wearing slutty clothes and coming home later and later. Eventually, you walk in on me with a black cock in me. I didn’t even turn to look at you. What were you supposed to do? It was already too late. I am black-owned.

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