I’ve caught you trying to read some of my personal detailed sex stories out of my own journal.

Why are you so curious about my detailed sex stories? What the fuck is wrong with you? Since you always follow me around like a little piggy, I’m going to treat you like one. I know you think I’m so hot and just being near me, gives you worth. Your luck I keep you around as a slave. I know so many pathetic guys…but then there you are. You are in a class all your own really. So why don’t you come sit at my feet and beg to be used like the piece of shit you are. That’s exactly what you crave, isn’t it? It’s where you belong, below me.

Lick the arch of the foot up and down. I want you to make sure they are really clean. That’s your job.  Your job is to worship my feet like the pathetic e excuse of a man you are. Haha! I can’t help but laugh even calling you a man. You are just a little piggy. Oink for me!

The sound of me laughing must get you so hard.

Do not even try to lie. I can see it through your panties. Turn around on all fours, right in front of me. Stick your ass into the air and pull those pink panties down. Just like that. Who said you could stop oinking? So don’t you dare stop oinking until I tell you too. Seems like you need to be reminded of your place.

I lube up this butt plug that has a curly pink tail attached and shove it into your ass. You start grunting when the toy is all the way in your ass. While you try to adjust to the toy, I slap your ass ordering you to crawl around with it in your ass. I can’t stop laughing when you run around my house with a tail attached to your ass. After I grow tired of it, I pull it out of your filthy ass.

I command you to lick it clean as I pop it into your eager mouth. You’re such a pathetic little piggy begging to do anything just to please me. So now we have a full week ahead. And don’t worry, piggy I made sure to invite all your close personal buddies from work. Maybe we will even make you my own personal bbc cuckold. Then they can see what you do in your spare time.

Are you a little piggy who needs to be degraded in front of everyone?

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