A BBC Cuckold is something I never thought you would become, but several months later here we are. And to think it all started when we started reading blackmail sex stories of inferior white men!

BBC Cuckold is how I describe you to most of my friends when they want a glimpse into our life. We have been dating for a long time. We trust each other with everything, even our darkest secrets. That’s what I tell people when they ask how we got involved in the lifestyle. People are shocked at first, but then curiosity gets the better of them. They want to know all the details about how you became a cuckold, and I, a queen for big black cocks.

Some even ask what goes on at the house parties we have. I smirk to you as I don’t leave any details out. I tell them about how you sit on a chair in the corner, all alone. The bulls give you directions that usually include sitting on your hands so you can’t touch yourself. After about six or so studs fill the room, that’s when the fun really begins. You watch as I go into the center of the room. I’m always dressed in my sexiest outfit that you spent money on just days prior. I get down on my knees and the studs circle around me.

At this time, I can see the surprise in our friend’s eyes, when I tell them, the bulls pull their huge cocks out. And huge they are!

They are so massive. I can barely wrap my red lips around them. One after another, I start sucking on them. I try to take them as deep as I can down my throat. I love it. When I look at you from the corner of my eye, I see you’re hard on and I know you love it too. This is your place now. You are simply below these massive studs with their thick cocks. We haven’t even fucked in months, but that is what we both prefer.

Once I get all the studs nice and hard, they start taking turns pumping me. I take one in every single hole, and one in each hand. I catch a glimpse of you cumming all over yourself. These studs haven’t even came yet! This is just the beginning. I smirk to myself knowing you will cum a couple more times tonight, without even touching your pathetic self.

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