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Now, I want you to get on all fours.

This is exactly where you belong, crawling around my house doing whatever I want. I never thought the collar would look so perfect on you. Don’t worry your little head off. I am taking plenty of photos for you. And I know you don’t want them falling into the wrong hands, so you will do whatever I want at all times.

So, come over here and lick my ass. It’s time for you to learn your place and a few lessons. Lesson number one is your mouth should never be for talking, but always for pleasuring my body. If you are not serving me in other ways, your tongue should be licking my ass or my pussy. No exceptions at all. This will be your life now. Every week, you will lie to your wife and say you are working late. But really you will be my little bitch boy. So, if you ever misbehave, I will send these photos to your wife and all her friends. Next week we will go over lesson two. That’s right don’t think I didn’t notice you reading shemale sex stories too!

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