Sex slave stories can be all fun and games until it’s you that is the victim.

Yes, I fell victim to becoming one of the sex slave stories. Last year on New Years Day Michael and I decided to go bowling. Now, we can never do anything without turning it into a competition. Usually, he wants a new video game and I want a new pair of shoes. This time was different. He suggested that the loser becomes a slave for a day of the winners choice. After the first game, I knew I was screwed. Needless to say, Michael won. Knowing that the day he was to choose would be filled with me serving him food and pampering him.

Oh, and of course lots of blowjobs and kinky sex.

A couple weeks later after I thought he forgot about the bet, he brought it up. Informing me that he has a date for me to be his slave. Superbowl Sunday. My eyebrow raised, he always has a big Superbowl party with his friends. I don’t even go near his house that day. Sunday morning came and he had me naked and ready for whatever he wanted. It started out with him calling me from wherever he was in the house to come suck his hard cock or even to ride him. I had to stop what I was doing and jump right now.

Yes, it was kind of nice to have all of this sex.

Getting close for the boys to arrive I thought I was done. Wrong! I was ordered to lay in his bed as he tied my hands and feet up. In my head, I am thinking he is going to randomly come fuck me while the game is on. How exciting to know that his friends are out there and he is in the bedroom with me sliding his big hard cock in and out of my dripping wet pussy. Will they hear us? Will they even care if they do? Probably not.

This is where my sex slave stories get interesting.

As his friends arrived he brought them into the bedroom and showed me off. Still tied up he told them about the bet and gave them permission to use me for their sex slave stories also. So many dicks were sliding in and out of my pussy, my ass, and my mouth. At one time every hole was full of a big hard cock. My orgasms were so intense by the end of the night I don’t think I could orgasm anymore.

That was until Michael came into the bedroom and told me how proud he was of me and how turned on he was.

I was laying in the huge wet spot on the bed with so much cum still in my pussy waiting to drip out. Michael crawled in between my legs and ate all of his friend’s cum out of me. His tongue was going crazy inside of me getting every drop out, This was my final orgasm of the night. This is where sex slave stories can be bad. From this, I have learned which one of the guys can fuck and which ones can eat pussy. Becoming a cuckold relationship has its benefits.

I also know what one cant do either. Some of these guys will become cheating sex stories when I have to cheat.

Which is all the time now? So now that you have read my blog you are ready for some fetish phone sex. Call me.

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