Cum fetish verse skincare products.

Cum fetish. I have always used the best skincare products on my skin. Until recently. I have noticed the more Michael cums on me the better my skin gets. Don’t get me wrong, I still love to swallow his creamy white cum. I love to suck his hard cock until his toes curl and he releases his cum for me to taste. But recently I have been laying on my back as he stands over me and he jacks off and covers me in his cum. At first, I thought this was a waste of cum. Sucking his hard cock and swallowing his cum was my favorite thing to do.

My cum fetish makes me crave it.

I know know that as he cums all over my face I can take my fingers and wipe it up pushing it closer to my lips and licking all that creamy goodness off of them. As he lays the head of his cock on my tit I can watch as he covers my nipple with his cum, This absolutely makes my pussy wet just watching that cock satisfy my cum fetish. I grab my tits in my hand and hold it begging him to cum on me. Begging him for his cum. As soon as he is done I raise my head up and begin to lick. I lick every drop of him off of me.

My tongue swirls around my nipple making sure I get all off it. My cum fetish has turned my skin so soft that I will let that cum squirt all over me. Michael has no complaints because he gets oral sex more than any of his friends now.

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