Cousin sex stories are not typical of me.

Cousin¬†sex stories, I will share this one with you from last summer. Just promise me you won’t judge me. My family and I decided that we need to have a family reunion. As with any family, time passes on without seeing each other. People are busy with careers and their immediate family. Older family members pass away and that seems like the only time cousins and distant family gather. It’s sad. This is where one of my cousin sex stories begins.

Picture it, Torch Lake, August 2017.

All of our family up at the cottage. Cousins, Aunts, Uncles, family I didn’t even know. I have some cousins I have never met. It was crazy the amount of family that showed up. After a long day of sun, food, and drinks, I was pretty wasted. Stumbling through the cottage I see Michael already passed out on the couch. Knowing that is where my cousin Brian is going to sleep I tried to wake him up and bring him to bed, That was a fail. Deciding to let Brian deal with him I figured.

Trying to change into my pajamas was a fail also.

I managed to get undressed down to my cute matching lace bra and panties. Oh well, I will just sleep like this, hopefully, Michael will shut the door when he comes in. I hear people start to leave and head to their hotels for the night. Next thing I know Micheal stumbling into the room. He lays next to me and starts kissing my neck working his way down my back. I begin to moan it feels so good. He is now spreading my ass cheeks as his tongue slides in and out of my ass. Flipping over on my back so he could lick my wet pussy I realized it wasn’t Michael.

It was my cousin, Brian.

Holy shit, we don’t do this stuff in our family. Our first family sex story all because I was so drunk I did not even stop him. I heard him call me Amy. He thinks I’m his wife. I needed to stop him. I couldn’t stop him. He is one of my cousin sex stories because his hard cock was now sliding in and out of me. Having sex with my cousin is so wrong but damn it feels so good. As he was fucking me harder and harder the bed was banging against the wall.

Not sure if that was loud enough to cover my screams of extasy or not.

We were definitely loud and my orgasm was definitely intense. The huge wet spot on the bed is enough evidence to prove that. Let’s just say my cousin sex stories end with a bang. Straight up hardcore sex. I think that this tops the brother sister sex stories I have. Mention this blog and you can get free phone sex. I will give you 5 minutes free with your 10 minutes paid call. Call Me!

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