Sex doll or blow up doll date back to the seventeenth century.

The sex doll was not actually manufactured until the nineteen hundreds. Let’s just say that they have come a long way since then. From being made of old clothes and stuffed with rags to being made of plastic and have to blow them up. Ouch, wouldn’t that hurt sticking your hard cock in there and rubbing it against a seam. Try laying on here and not poping her. Modern day technology has improved on these one hundred times over.

Now made of a material called elastic shape gel, they actually feel like a female body.

Having the look improve also, they can custom make them as far as body size, hair color, eye color, if you want her to have pubic hair or not. You can even order a pregnant one.Expect to be spending a pretty penny on the sex doll because they start out at $1,500.00 and can go up as high as $6,000.00.

I would love to have a sex doll made of me.

Just to know that someone is shoving my head down on their cock making me suck it and take it all the way down my throat. Positioning me on my back with my legs on their shoulders. Fucking my sex doll so hard because she looks and feels like me. Come on guys tell me that wouldn’t be amazing? You could be having the kinkiest sex while on the phone with me why you are fucking my Eve sex doll. You will learn how to have phone sex with the Eve Doll. For all of you boys that like when I bring out my strap-on. We will have to make sure that she comes with her very own strap-on for you.

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