Cuckold relationship is where cheating is ok, Its better than ok. it’s encouraged.

Last week Michael asked me if I would be ok with a cuckold relationship how could I say no. The thought of being able to fuck any guy I want is making my pussy so wet. Find a guy. bring him home, fuck him in front of Michael, sounds perfect to me. All those guys I see that are so yummy looking I can now brink home and so naughty things to. Michael will get to watch me be pleasured by guys that can teach him a few things.

He will sit in the chair and watch as I have someone else’s head between my legs licking my clit.

As my pussy gets wetter and wetter he will just watch us. As his head moves up my stomach kissing every inch. He stops when he reaches my big tits. Kissing and sucking them. Laying on his back I take his hard cock in my mouth. Sucking all the way down until his head touches the back of my throat. Next, I straddle him and lower my pussy on him. Bouncing up and down on that hard cock and watching my pussy juice drip down his dick is making Michael hard. I never knew that Michael would get so turned on my this cuckold relationship. Actually, I never knew that I would get so turned on by these cheating sex stories either.

A cuckold relationship is like having your cake and eating it too.

You receive the best of both worlds. A cuckold relationship is a fetish and a pretty common one. If you would like to read about some less common fetishes you can check out my blog page at The Kinky Kingdom.  Then you can decide a cuckold relationship or forced sex. If you would like to experience the best cuckold phone sex then you should give me a call.