A fetish can come in many different ways.

Someone can have a hair fetish and love everything about hair. Then they can get as crazy as Menophilia. Menophilia is the fetish about blood. Yes, some males are turned on by menstrual blood. To know that a woman is on her period is a big turn on for some guys.

I knew about the redwings, and no I’m not referring to the Detroit Redwings.

If you aren’t familiar with this let me explain. When a man earns his redwings that means he eats a girl out when she is on her period. There is a saying that says “Every man needs to earn his redwings at least once in his lifetime.” To be honest with you this is beneficial to females due to the fact that when she is on her period her hormones are elevated.

When I am on my period I am always so horny I could fuck all day and all night.

When my boyfriend eats my pussy when I am on my period it makes me cum so hard. It is such an amazing feeling. My pussy is getting wet right now as I am typing this blog. But also this doesn’t just stop with redwings. It goes further. Some guys go as far as using a tampon like a teabag, dunking it up and down to make a drink to enjoy. I have even heard about girls taking a tampon out for someone to suck the blood out of it. This makes a cum eating fetish look vanilla.

Like I said there is a fetish for everyone.

This may be your next fetish if you try it and like it. I know that my pussy likes this one. If you have a crazy fetish definition call me on my phone sex numbers and maybe it will become my nex fetish blog.