The foot fetish that my ex-boyfriend has is such a turn on.

Foot Fetish – I went to his house tonight to cut his hair and after we were done we were planning on watching a movie. He sat on the couch and I plopped down at the other end and swung my feet around and placed them on his lap. What happened next makes me wonder why I ever broke up with him. The magical hands he has begun to rub my feet.

The words he spoke made my pussy wet.

Telling me how beautiful my toes are and how he wants to kiss them. I moved my foot up to his mouth and told him that there was nothing stopping him. As his tongue began to lick them I almost came right then and there. His tongue caressed all of my foot. leaning over I unzipped his jeans and freed that hard cock that was bulging in those pants.

Taking my foot I began to massage his cock with my other foot.

Rubbing it and taking my toes across the head of his cock while he sucked on my toes made him harder. His foot fetish has his cock getting harder and harder the more I rub my feet on him. That cock was rock hard and he was moaning.

Begging him to cum on my pretty toes, he did just that.

He ejaculated his creamy warm cum all over my freshly pedicured toes. My toes are now covered in his cum and I ran my toes up to his mouth. Sticking them inside I made him lick all of his cum off. It was such a hot night because of his fetish that, to be honest, I don’t even think that we turned on the movie.

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