Public sex, hot chick, a pool full of jello.

Now that I have your attention Let me tell you a little story. My public sex story began in a bar of crowded people. Everyone was drinking and doing shots. It was a good time all around. Next thing you know they are clearing a space in the front of the bar. For what? You ask.

A swimming pool full of jello.

Holy shit this is going to be a very entertaining show tonight. They bring out one of the girls that are going to wrestle in it. She is a very pretty girl named Holly and her body is toned to perfection. As soon as they are done announcing her they announce the challenger. Eve.

Ummm did they just call me up to the pool?

I look at Michael and he smiles and tells me, good luck babe. I am going to kill him at this point. Nervous I make my way to the front. Holly was wearing a bathing suit and I didn’t want to ruin my outfit so I stripped down to my bra and panties. Climbing into the pool of jello it was kinda cold and made my nipples hard. Holly noticed and made a point to say it. Pushing her hand away she shoved me and I slipped.

I was now covered in jello.

Holly was going to dive on top of me so I rolled. Both of us were covered in jello now and rolling all around with each other. There was so much boob grabbing and ass smacking that my pussy was getting wet. I felt her grab the back of my hair and pull my head backward and kissed me. Her tongue was in my mouth and my hand was wandering down to her pussy. Making its way under her bathing suit I began to rub her clit.

As the crowd cheered for us I was now having public sex and orgasming in a crowded bar.

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