Google it~List of fetishes.

The list is endless. It goes from abuse and abduction all the way down to whips, wax, and xenophilia. with the love/hate in the middle of the list of fetishes. My list of fetishes that I have is described below.

Bisexual Bitch. I love to eat pussy as much as I love to suck dick.

Just spreading her lips apart to expose her clit right there in front of my face. Taking in the sent of her right before my tongue begins to lick. Licking and nibbling that clit turns me on so much. Would you like to watch me eat her out?

Cuckold is definitely on my list of fetishes.

I can be your girl and fuck another man in front of you. I will show you how real men fuck a pussy. Do you want to be the big stud I bring home to fuck? We can put on a good show for my man and leave him crying in a corner of the bedroom. Would you like that?

I love cum.

Cover me in it. Make me swallow it. Fill my pussy with it Unload that creamy cum on my titties and watch as I lick it all off. Wouldn’t that be hot to watch? I don’t care where you leave it just give it to me. Please. I will beg if I have to.

A fucking quickie.

Yes even sometimes females like a quickie. I know I do. I want you to bend me over and stick that dick in my pussy and fuck me so hard that the neighbors hear your balls slapping against me.

Next on my list of fetishes is strap-on fun.

Now I know you boys aren’t afraid of my strap-on are you? I get so wet just thinking about sliding my thighs into the strap-on and laying back while I watch you deep throat it. That’s right, get it nice and wet because next, it’s my turn to bend you over and fuck that tight ass of yours.

I think you boys have had enough for now.

I have other detailed sex stories available on my blog page, Including other kinky fetish blogs. Stay tuned for part 2 of my list of fetishes cumming soon. *wink wink* I want to hear about your sexual fetishes. Call me so I can hear what makes you cum. Hours that I’m available ore on my Phone Sex Kingdom page. Check it out.

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