Fetishes were learned while I was in college.

Fetishes, from foot fetish to fetishes I had never even heard of. I learned these in college. I had to make some extra money. Dreading becoming a waitress I was going to apply anyway. Tips in my pocket every shift was what I was looking for. That’s when my resident advisor pulled me over to the side and told me about the spa 10 minutes from campus. She has been there for 7 months and paid for her full credit semester in cash.

There was one catch though.

The spa was not normal, it offered three different types of massages. The first being the basic massage room, you enjoy a nice relaxing massage. Second room consists of a basic massage and includes a happy ending. You will receive a relaxing massage by one of our sexy therapists and before you leave she will make sure that she rubs that hard cock of yours until you cum and are completely satisfied. The last room is our taboo room. In this room, you can have 2 of our sexy therapists work on you and have some kinky fun. All fetishes are welcome here. Being my first day and not knowing what to expect I was a little nervous which made my stomach upset which then made me more nervous.

My first client, Jack, brought me to the taboo room.

Informing me that he liked the dirty kinky fun. Oh Lord, what did I get myself into? Talking to him to find out what he liked and wanted that afternoon my tummy started to rumble. Needing to excuse myself, he asked me not to. Apologizing and explaining that I needed to use the lady’s room he said he was ok with me staying there to do it. I must have had a confused look on my face because he went into better detail. “Please shit on my chest. I want to feel your warm shit cover me. I want to rub it all over my body.” Is he serious right now? Not wanting to ask and look like a prude. I climbed up on the table and squatted over his chest with my ass facing him.

At that moment I let it all go.

I felt a huge relief as I felt it leaving my body. Hearing him moan I knew he was liking it. Looking At that moment I let it all go.back at him I see him rubbing it all over his chest. His hands working their way down between my legs and rubbing his hard cock. Positioning me on all fours with my ass up in the air and began to slide his dick in and out of me until he filled my tight little asshole with his cum. I will soon add more adventures from the spa and fetishes that come with it on my blog.

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