Sex game. What is this sex game you ask?

Michael had to work one Saturday morning early, so I was on my own Friday night before. Having no plans I decided I would keep it that way. Grabbing some popcorn and turning on Netflix was my plan. While deciding what to watch I was also playing around on my phone. I came across an article talking about the sex game. Not knowing anything about this it caught my attention.

Apparently, there is a game out there where a group of females get together on a certain night and plan to find guys to fuck.

Texting my BFF Cynthia informing her of this and telling her this is a must for us, she agreed. Over the next week, we got about 6 girls to join us in this mission. Doing my research on this I found a website just for the sole purpose of this sex game. Registering our group as The Ann Arbor Cum Crew we were now ready.

The mission of this game is to get each girl on the team to fuck guys and bring back some kind of evidence.

Not sure what to tell Michael on why this Friday night we weren’t going to hang out either, it was going to have to be a good one. As a result, I came up with the idea that I was going to take my nephew rock hunting then to dinner.

Ok, He was now taken care of. To the bar, we went.

I scoped out the scene and found my first victim. He was tall and very sexy, a full sleeve of tattoos. approaching him was easy. He began to talk right away. Next thing I knew I was in the back seat of his jeep. I was on top of him riding him. Just as he said he was going to cum I jumped off and told him I wanted to see his hot cum squirt all over me.

I had my phone ready to go as he leaned over and his hard cock began to pulsate and his cum shot out covering my panties.

Getting dressed and walking back into the bar, we were on the same mission.  Due to the fact that he moved on to his next female by the time I got out of the ladies room.

Looking over at him I saw him look at me I smiled and he winked back.

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