Lesbian sex was never talked about while growing up in a Catholic house.

Aunt Pam was never married so where ever she went she always took her best friend Chris. It took me until high school before I realized that Chris was Christine and not Christopher. Chris always had a men’s haircut and wore men’s clothing. She even wore boxer shorts. Finally learning the truth about what they did behind clothes doors was a little upsetting. Aunt Pam was having lesbian sex. All my years of catechism we learned that a man was not supposed to lay with a man.  Why was Aunt Pam living in sin like this?

During my first year of college, I met a girl named Amy.

I knew Amy was like Chris I was reluctant to make friends with her. Not sure why because she was an amazing person. We soon became best friends and were inseparable. Sophomore year we even got an apartment together off-campus. A horrible storm came through one night and we lost power. Being terrified Amy crawled into bed with me to comfort me. We lay there and she had her arms around me. Next thing I know her head was between my legs. Her tongue was licking my clit and oh my God it was amazing. After a few minutes, I felt this tingling sensation and my pussy became so sensitive.

It felt like an explosion.

After that night she would come to my bed about once or twice a week. It was amazing. I became what she called her pillow princess. Was this considered lesbian sex?

She would just eat my pussy and expect nothing in return.

One night we were back on campus at a party and I couldn’t find Amy anywhere. I was beginning to think she ditched me. As I was preparing to take the bus I ran into a girl that I had never seen before. She was a freshman, her name was Donna Marie. Donna Marie was very pretty. She told me she had a car and would drive me back to my apartment. I agreed to let her if she agrees to let me get carry out for us. I was starving. After we ate she leaned over and kissed me thank you,

Except this wasn’t a thank you kiss.

It seemed a little more intense than that. Looking at Donna Marie, she kissed me again. I was right, this was more, she slid her tongue in my mouth this time. Kissing her back felt nice. moving her hand up my shirt and playing with my titties she used her other hand to grab mine and place it on her titties. Somehow we were both naked in my bed and in the 69 position.

Never doing this before I was scared.

Seeming to like it she got up and grabbed her bag. Telling me she wanted to get fucked I thought she was going to leave but instead she threw a strap on at me and told me to put it on. Once I got it on she pushed me on the bed and began to suck it. Then she climbed on and rode me. I felt her pussy juice start to drip on me. The strap on was so wet. Climbing off she took the dildo out of the harness and ordered me to help her lick it. We were licking her pussy juice off of the strap on and I couldn’t have been more turned on than I was at that moment. I just had lesbian sex.

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