Blackmail sex stories that came from innocent role play.

Blackmail sex stories. Wanting to spice up my sex life I decided to dress up like a hooker and shot my boyfriend a text. Texting him saying that I am walking down hooker ave. (that’s what we call the street that all the hookers work on) and sending him a pic of me all ready to go. His reply was WTF? Informing him that he better come get me before someone else does and sending a winking face. Not sure if he really believed me I set out on my mission hoping he was coming to me. I was out there about 15 minutes and had 3 guys ask me if I was looking to make some money. “UMMM NO” was all I could say.

Thankfully I saw Michael driving towards me.

Pulling over to the curb I walk up to his car and did my Pretty Woman line. “You looking for a date Sugar?” His smile was illuminated in red and blue. Shit, there was a cop that pulled up behind us. Wow, this is going to be a funny story. Too bad he didn’t think it was.

This is where the blackmail sex stories began.

Informing me that since I want to act like a hooker he is going to treat me like a hooker. Putting Michael in handcuffs in the back of his squad car he grabbed me by the back of the hair.  Telling me I had 2 choices. Choice 1 I could have him arrest me for prostitution and Michael for soliciting a prostitute. Or choice 2 I could fuck him and Michael and I can walk away with no charges. I would become a story in his blackmail sex stories that he would brag about.  Looking over at Michael in the back of the car, the cop grabbed me by my hair again and yanked my head around telling me to look at him and not at Michael.

Wishing I knew what Michael was thinking

I knew I was going to have to get us out of this situation, I was the one who got us into this. I told the cop I would do what I have to do to keep us out of jail and have this on our record. As he dragged me in front of the car so Michael would see I wondered how many of these girls are part of cops blackmail sex stories. Bent over the car and he made me face Michael as he was ramming his thick hard cock in and out of my pussy.

Upset that I was facing Michael not wanting him to see the enjoyment that I was receiving from this.

His cock was so big and it felt so good, I did not want him to stop. Some of the best sex stories come from men other than the ones you are with. I am ready for taboo phone sex so bring me the kinkiest you have to offer.

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