Best sex stories and revenge make my pussy tingle.

Yes, my pussy is wet because I am typing one of my best sex stories so far. Let me start by informing you of this, I can be a bitch and I love revenge. So with that being said just follow my rules. Rule #1 Don’t piss Eve off. EVER! Rule # 2 Do not cry when revenge has been placed upon you.

One of my best sex stories took place this past week.

If you guessed on Friday the 13th, you are right. 11 am and already off to a bad start. My hot water tank went so I had to take a cold shower, Then I backed into my roommate’s girlfriend’s car. After this horrible morning, I decided I would surprise Michael at work with coffee. Thank God I double checked the order before I left because it was wrong, of course. Arriving at Michael’s office during lunchtime so I decided that I could take him to lunch.

Wrong thought.

I went in and his General Manager was there. He was already on lunch with the other managers and she was waiting for them to return. I told her I was just going to put his coffee in his office. As I turned around I realized she followed me in there. Now, if you have read my other blogs. his GM Wendy is a shemale and I know this because she and I had a little fun in the bathroom during the work banquet.

Anyways, as I turned around she grabbed a handful of my hair.

Placing her lips on mine and giving me one of the most passionate kisses ever. Guiding me towards his desk. She lifts me up placing her hand up my skirt and moving my panties to the side. Wetness fills my pussy as I reach under her skirt and grab her big hard cock and direct it my way. Pushing herself inside of me felt amazing,

She has a dick and knows how to use it.

Fucking on Michael’s desk left a huge wet spot upon standing up. We left him a note after we finished. It read Happy Friday The 13th Love Eve and Wendy. My best sex stories are on my blog page with some of my favorite fantasy sex stories. Call me to experience why we are always rated #1 on phone sex central.

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