Cheating sex stories. It seems like everyone has at least one.

Cheating sex stories. So many people cheat, maybe it’s only a one-time thing or maybe it’s a long-term affair, Me, I tend to cheat a lot. Actually, I’m not sure why I am in a committed relationship. Let me explain to you my Saturday night I just experienced and you be the judge. Did I cheat or no? After pleading my case and trying to convince Michael to get a couples costumes I gave in and let him get his Superhero costume. Arriving at the party we walked right into someone with the same spiderman costume on that Michael was wearing. I just looked at both of them and laughed.

After a few beers and a few shots, I was kinda buzzed.

I see Michael standing in the corner talking to one of his coworkers. Making my way over to him I whisper in his ear “I’m drunk and horny meet me in the bathroom in 5 min”. Once I am in the bathroom I lift my tight nurses outfit up to my waist bearing my ass. Leaning over the sink I wait for him to enter. The door creaks open as I see my superhero enter. Without speaking a word he grabs my hips and pressed himself against me.

Teasing me, making me feel his hard cock through his costume.

I beg him to unleash it and fill my pussy with his super juice. Oh my God, I must have been horny because he felt bigger than normal. He fucked me harder than normal. He was doing this thing with his cock as he was pushing it deep inside he would give his hips a little wiggle, Where did he learn this amazing trick from. Holy shit I was going to cum. This was going to be one of the fastest quickie I have ever had. As I felt his dick pulsating and filling me with his cum and mixing with mine I felt such a rush of emotions forever cheating on him.

I don’t need any other men, he satisfies me. I felt bad.

The sex was so good I didn’t even hear my phone go off. It was him telling me he was going to go to the bathroom then we would leave and move on to the next party. Reading this I looked at him and asked if he was done in the bathroom. What happened next was where my cheating sex stories confused me. Still not speaking he made a dart for the door.

As he swung it open to leave. Spiderman was walking in.

Confused I didn’t know who I just fucked. The Spiderman that was coming in the bathroom takes off his mask and gave me the saddest look ever. It was from Michael. Looking at the other Spiderman I reach up and pull the mask off. Oops, It was Michaels dad. Now I don’t feel bad anymore. Maybe I can turn this into a father and son cuckold relationship.

If Micheal would fuck me like his dad just did then I wouldn’t have any cheating sex stories.

Maybe if his dad taught him how to fuck he would have best sex stories and I wouldn’t feel like I need sex therapy when I’m with him. So did I cheat or no?

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