Cheating sex stories are always fun to read about.

Especially my cheating sex stories. I am in need of more to add to my collection. Do you want to be that man? This is no easy job. Let me give you a little description of my qualifications I expect so you can decide if you are man enough for this. Of all the cheating sex stories I have made I do have to say this one will be the best. My ultimate cheating sex story will take place in my boyfriend’s bedroom, in his bed. Yes, I think him coming home in sleeping in a wet spot that I made with another man would be awesome. To be honest, I have done that before and while I still think about how hot it was I believe that I can top it.

I know you are all wondering what can this crazy chick do to top that.

Now hear me out. While I was in bed with Michael listening to him sleep I was so horny and began to masturbate. I even took out my vibrator and brought myself to an orgasm and released my sweet juices all over the bed. This whole time he was sleeping, I don’t even think he moved. So now back to my idea, I want to find someone to come over to Michaels while he is sleeping and slide that nice hard cock of yours inside my wet pussy.

Fuck me like he isn’t even there.

I don’t want you to stop sliding that hard dick in and out of my pussy harder and harder until we both cum all over the sheets. When he wakes up he will smell the smell of sex in the air. It will be an unusual smell for him because he will know that he and I didn’t have sex last night and he knows the smell of my pussy juice. This unusual smell will me my sweet juices mixed with your creamy cum. Does he dare ask me what happened? He is not stupid he will know that there was someone else’s dick inside of me.

Does he ask who you are? Should I tell him? Or things might happen in a totally different way. Maybe I will take some sex pictures to share with him when he wakes up.

As I am screaming your name in extasy as I cum he might wake up.

That would be interesting. Do you have the balls to be part of my crazy sex stories? If you answered yes then I think you need to call me for some kinky taboo phone sex.

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