The night was nothing like we wanted

Who has Embarrassing Sex Stories? I do! It all Started with an innocent night out with my friends. We were just going to go to a few bars and dance. Brittany, Frankie & Hadley picked me up about 8 pm. We headed to this first bar Walked in a course everyone noticed Four beautiful girls entering the club.

Looking Fine

Brittany the sex doll that she demands attention with that short jumper skirt she was wearing. Barely coving her ass! Frankie being that mature sex Goddess that everyone wants to learn from. Then teen sex Slut Hadley who every guy wants to teach! Of course, me wearing that low cut halter top so these 34 E’s peek out.

The Action Started

We were all dressed to kill. The only thing we all were looking for was Cock! Lots of it! We did this about once a month and we all knew at some point we would be fucked. Frankie was first to find her man. He was a younger guy maybe mid 20’s. She likes them young. I watched as Frankie lead her fuck into the girl’s bathroom. In the corner of my, eye I saw Hadley rubbing up against some guy too. Brittany was out of the dance floor with two guys on each side! Thinking I better get busy I felt hands rubbing on my ass.

Embarrassing Sex stories

It was Tom. Tom is a guy I met last week. He leans in an whisper Hey Sexy I thought id never see you again after waking up in you not being beside me. Last week was amazing you didn’t even leave me your number. Just chuckling I say no it was up to you to find it if you wanted it that bad.  Just then He reached up under my skirt. Feeling my wet warm pussy. He said let’s go somewhere.

My Date lead me to the Backroom

Tom took me to the back room He knew the owners. Throwing me up on a table and sliding my thong aside. Licking my clit and making my body ache for more. Tom Unzipped his zipper and pulled his throbbing cock out. Sliding that mushroom tip around my slit. Tom grabbing my hips Thrusting his cock deep inside of me. Taking me very hard and raw. Right then Frankie ran in and said Brittany needed me. I had to come quickly! As she was saying that Tom jumped and I could feel an instant pain from my cunt. However, Tom jumped it hurt my cunt. Yelling for him to stop Tom pulled out. I knew something was wrong. Screaming for help tom looked down and saw blood.

My Making the ER Trip

Getting both Brittany and me to the car was the next step. Brittany had slipped from her 6-inch heels being too high went being bent over and fucked from behind. It wasn’t a good night for either of us! I’m in the back seat Brittany in the front Hadley driving us. Frankie and Her date were by me. I guess sill feeling frisky. Cause Frankie was giving him a Blow Job. We pulled up to the Er I guess a little to fast. When Hadley slammed on the break Frankie chopped down on her dates dick n now he was bleeding! This is was going Very bad but at least we were at the Er now. After this, I’m going to need Sex Therapy


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