It is fun to watch scary movies with your friends! Brittany, Brittany and I decided we would get together to watch a movie that was getting great reviews. Little did I know this would lead to girls having sex. We chose a night and set the time. Brittany and Brittany have been friends for some time. I am the new girl in the friendship. My area of expertise is GILF phone sex and I am very naughty.

Brittany and I volunteered to go to the store to get some great munchies food. Brittany said she would wait at home for us. My friends are so amazing. Brittany is the queen of sensual domination. I am enjoying getting to know them better. So, Brittany and I headed to the store. We had a blast being silly in the store and flirting with hot customers.

Fun with my friends is better than any date night, right?

We were gone for about 40 minutes. As we were bringing in the bags of goodies, we heard loud music coming out of Brittany’s room. Now you should know Brittany is a wild and kinky girl. She is an anal submissive whore and she is incredible at it. So, we knew there was some sexual activity happening in that bedroom.

Brittany and I unloaded the groceries and got things ready for movie night. We were chatting away. Then we heard Britt’s bedroom door open. We both looked up to a disheveled Brittany walking into the kitchen. We smiled at each other and followed her. She got into the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water. Opening the water, she downed it in one big swig.

Whoever was in that bedroom had really worn her out!

We just looked at her waiting for her to tell us who and what was going on in the bedroom. She smiled that naughty smile she has and didn’t say a word. Looking at her with suspense, we waited to hear the yummy details. She took out another water and down it. Then, she walked back towards the bedroom.

Feeling confused, Brittany and I looked at each other and then at Brittany. She looked at us and motioned for us to follow her. Oh, it was going to get interesting very fast! Stopping until we got up, she smiled and waited. Once we were walking with her through the house, she giggled and grabbed our hands.

It was going to be more than girls having sex, it was going to be group sex stories in the making. Getting to her bedroom door, she stopped and said asked if we were ready for some naughty fun. We both said yes in unison! Brittany would get a chance at cock control and we would see Brittany’s ass creampie getting eaten. I was thinking, open the door Brittany we are ready. She turned the knob so slowly, what was behind that door?!

As the door opened we were both super happy to see who was there. What was waiting for us behind the door? Call to find out. I may even let you finish the story for us!!

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