Sex Is All About Fulfilling Those Fantasies!

I was with me, who my friends would dub, “Flavor of the Month” and we came up with a wonderful idea to always keep our sex life fresh and interesting. We decided that we would alternate fantasies each week with something we called fantasy fulfillment week. Week one would be everything sexually that I wanted to do and week two would be his turn for the same. We continued this new tradition throughout the duration of our relationship and to this day, even though he’s now just my POA, things are always steamy between us, when we get busy!

We decided that while it was the other’s week, we couldn’t intervene, we couldn’t complain and we had to always just go along with it, otherwise, all bets were off. So we set little rules like this so that we’d both have the opportunity to be pleased precisely the way we needed to be pleased, with no worries of potentially being let down. I must say, it was very effective in the context of a relationship and has remained effective to this day, for maintaining a happy and healthy sex life!

Week one was my turn and it was nothing but oral sex week!

No penetration…well with the exception of the tongue of course! I got to enjoy seven whole days of nothing but pussy eating and cock sucking, anytime I wanted to give or receive it. I thought that was pretty excited, to be honest, but that was nothing compared to my man’s second week of sexual exploration and fulfillment.

Week two was his turn and oh my, was it a good week. His theme you ask? Random acts of public fornication! That’s right that meant seven heavenly days of sex where ever he craved it, no exception. Yes, there were definitely places we had to get really creative. In the car, in the public bathroom, while driving….you name the place, we fucked there! Let’s just say there were many days of me wearing a dress or a skirt with no panties on, for easy access of course. He even took me in the fitting room, at a local department store……hmm it was exhilarating, to say the least, the very least.

On his seventh day of operation fantasy fulfillment, he decided to take me to the movies. Of places, he chose a very busy, very crowded movie theatre and like a good girl, I wore a dress with no panties on, just as he requested! Throughout the whole movie, I am just eagerly waiting for him to give me the cue that he wanted to take me and right then without warning he takes his fingers and plunges them deep inside of my pussy!

With a quick blissful glance, I looked over at him and knew that it was time to get busy…without getting caught!

You know you’re curious as to what happened next, how he was able to work his cock into my tight little pussy, surrounded by all those people and how I had to bite on his sleeve to keep from moaning out loud!! Want more fantasies? Cum get some, with fantasy phone sex with yours truly!

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