I can make a man melt with just a few touches of my magic hands and when I give a Sensual Massage he just lies there and loses himself.

I know I go for nasty slut more than I do Sensual Massage lady but I do have my moments. Sean is an older guy in his 40’s who’s a bit out of shape and I’m his little treat he gets now and again. He doesn’t pay me with money but he does give me lots of nice gifts. He recently got a promotion and spent his bonus buying me a gorgeous handbag that I knew cost him a fortune. I just had to do something nice for him to thank him.

 I made my room all warm, Sensual and sexy, turning off the lights and burning some candles. Then I put nice clean sheets on my bed and put on my sexiest bra and panties then waited for Sean to come over after work. So I took his coat and hung it up, letting him have some time to admire my body before taking him to the bedroom.

 I began undressing him, my hand sliding over his chest as I undid his shirt then brushed my fingers over his crotch as I undid his trousers. He moaned and pushed into my hand so I cupped it and gave him a few rubs through his boxers. Then he started to get hard as I took the rest of his clothes off then had him lie down on my bed.

 He got on his back and I stood at the side of the bed, putting Massage oil on my hands to warm it up.

I then put my hand by his ankles and began massaging him, slowly, being Sensual and erotic making my way upwards. I could feel his leg muscles tensing up then relaxing as I went higher and it was hard to ignore his dick that was getting bigger by the second.

So I massaged his upper thighs, my fingers kneading his doughy skin as a drop of pre-cum slipped out of him. I slid my hands past his dick, making him moan and made my way up his stomach and chest. I swear I could feel his heart pounding as my hands moved over him.

 When I was done I got on the bed and straddled him, pushing my ass into his face as I settled on his torso. I put my hands on his stomach and slid forward, feeling him shake under my fingertips as I went lower.

I cupped his balls in one hand and held his dick with the other as I licked my lips then started licking his dick.

 Then I could feel it twitching against my tongue and when I put my lips around it he groaned and grabbed my ass, playing with it as I swallowed his dick. I kneaded my fingers into his balls as I started sucking him, my lips sliding up and down in steady movements. I took my time, making it good for him and I could feel his balls inching up.

 My pussy was soaking my panties and I ground against him as his dick hit the back of my throat. I kept going and when he started groaning deep in his chest I went all the way down, my mouth covering his dick as it swelled. He came and I choked on his big load, it must have been a week since he last came.

 I swallowed it and slid him out of my mouth then snuggled up to him. He held me as I told him how much I loved my present and I knew I was going to get something even better next time.

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